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Fun Tip Friday #17

Check out :iconbon-appeteats:'s art!

Hope you guys like this mini tutorial!

Here's the piece I used this technique on:


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Icy-Cami's avatar
where do you get your resin?

is it epoxy?
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
I got it in Hong Kong.  I haven't tried the ones in US yet.  It is epoxy resin though
Icy-Cami's avatar
i looked in some craft stores i didn't see it though.  I dont think i can go to hong kong anytime soon! :iconheheplz:
Skye-Rhyder's avatar
What kind of resin?
Pandora12321's avatar
Clear nail polish doesn't work very well. It can't put in the oven (hazard :P ) and if you wait like a month, it makes your sculptures sticky. (Learned that the hard way)
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
The nice thing is you bake the fishes first so when you put the nail polish on the salt, you won't have to bake again =]. I do recommend resin instead though =].
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SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
Yup! Some of the most ordinary things turn out to be quite useful =]
The-Erin-show's avatar
I'm sure you're overbrudened with questions, and if you are it's alright but can you explain the use of resin to me? Or maybe a link to somewhere that already has it explained? I don't even know how or where to start looking...

Thank you very much ♥
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
If you don't mind, I'd like to answer your question in my end of the month FAQ, which I will post in my miniature group :iconlittle-dreamers:. This question has been asked a few times now and I'd like to make a post on it =]. I will link you to the post when it's done :D.
Aryiea's avatar
What kind of resin do you use? :)
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
I bought it in Hong Kong and there weren't labels on it. It might be epoxy resin, but I'm not positive =\. I sell it though. It comes in two small bottles, a part A and a part B (1:3 ratio). Even though the bottles are small, the resin lasts a longgggg time. I've used mine for many pieces and still have half the bottle left. I'm going to sell it for $29. Let me know if you're interested XD ($2 shipping within the US).
Aryiea's avatar
Thanks for the info! :)
ChloeyLovesLlamas's avatar
These are soo amazing. Can you do a tutorial on the fishies? :3
SmallCreationsByMel's avatar
Thank you! I will maybe add fish as a tutorial in the future, just not too soon (they are quite time consuming haha)
ChloeyLovesLlamas's avatar
okay! Awesome! (: And thank you for replying. Keep up the awesome work!
ilikeshiniesfakery's avatar
Your work is absolutely amazing. You're an inspiration!
insilverscript's avatar
Thank you! I've been trying to find a way to make ice for ages. You have no idea how happy this makes me.
JamesDarrow's avatar
For something so simple it sure makes a convincing result.
Thanks for the tutorial!
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