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Includes full body view of your character, front and back. Feral form. Color palette. 3 accessories (like food or items). Additional items or things are +500P each.
Pearl Reference Sheet 2019 [personal]
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Full body digital illustration of your character. +1500P for additional character.
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Half body digital illustration of your character. +1000P for additional character.
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I can make you a referense sheet of your character as a shell shaded vexel illustration. You can choose the pose, clothing, color scheme, 3 items of choice and an alternative form (like a feral form).

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Skullzter Species Information

Fri Jan 6, 2017, 2:20 AM

Skullzter Species Information.

Animal souls reincarnated into monsters.

#skullzter #skullzters #skullztermonster

Open Species, anyone can make a Skullzter!

Goat skull Skullzter - Krampus by Smallblacksticky Skullzter Adopt (CLOSED) - Halloween 2017 [adopt] by Smallblacksticky Charna - Snek noodle baby. by Smallblacksticky Charlotte Skullzter [commission] by Smallblacksticky

Quick info

You can make any animal as a Skullzter, no humans. The skull is the deceased animal and contain its soul. The rest of their body are an extension of their soul.

The body are covered in fur except for the tip of the tail and hands (the arms and rest of the tail can be naked or covered in fur patches, in any way). The tail and arms have scaly snake skin. Their ears are always naked with no fur. 2-3 color combinations on the stripes (tail, arms, ears). Any colors. A Skullzter do not have wings but they can float over the ground (about 1-2 meters up) and with slithering movements move around.


  • The skull can have horns and spikes
  • Jewelry is commonly used in their ears and on their arms and tail.
  • Always a curly tail in some way
  • Always naked pointy ears, any size (can be droopy)

Not Allowed

  • No wings (even if the skull is a bird or bat)
  • No spikes or horns on their body (only on their skull)
  • No hooves
  • No fur on the hands, tail or ears (important)


A Skullzter is a monster creature from another dimension called realm of Therza.

A Skullzter is a deceased animal’s soul from our world that found it’s way to the Therza realm where it is reincarnated into a Skullzter monster. Their skull remains as it once was of the animal that died. The body are an extension of their soul. A Skullzter’s body is a manifestation of how a soul would look like in its “true form” in the realm of Therza.



Therza is the name of one of four sister guardians.

Once the humans started to occupy the world, the third sister Therza got concerned. She could only see destruction when looking at the human race. After witnessing the animal sacrifices in ancient egypt, also called “the dark secret”Her fear for humans grew so strong she ripped herself loose from the bond with her other sisters, so she could create her own world and save the sacreficed animal’s souls. Therza soon realized she can never return to her sisters and blamed the humans for her fate.

Skullzter’s realm look like our world (like an exact copy of it) but without anything living in it, no animals, no humans, only Skullzters. It’s a realm between life and death. The lands of this dimensional realm are rotten and faded like a neverending autumn. There is no sun but it’s still quite bright from the light reflecting back from our dimension. A smell of rain is always present but it never rains. Our world and the world of the Skullzters are almost on top of each other, allowing the Skullzters to travel between the two worlds.

The realm is hidden and hard to find for souls. Not many souls find their way to it.



Skullzters do not breed but they can develop a strong bond with each other similar to sisters, brothers, parents, lovers. A Skullzter can’t lay eggs or give birth. Instead a Skullzter is “born” when a soul of an animal from our world dies and find it’s way to the realm of Skullzters.

Their behaviour are somewhat based upon what kind of animal it was in its earlier life. Most of them are very gentle in their nature and like to take care of each other. They might look scary with their skull and long fingers but they can be really silly and cuddly.

Skullzters are omnivores but they don’t really have to eat at all.



Skullzters loves everything that glimmers like gold and jewels but also anything else that are shiny enough. Because their realm is so gloomy and barren they can go bananas over a piece of shiny candy wrapper. Most of the things they find are forgotten or worthless things in our world they find in trash bins or that somebody dropped. But sometimes Skullzters can steal things they find too irresistible.

Some Skullzters sometimes use accessories they create themselves. Rings in ears and necklaces are very common and loops and jewellery on their tails and arms. Jewellery is for some, a status symbol and others find it just being fun. A Skullzter can give someone they care about small things and jewellery as gifts to symbolise friendship or companionship.

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