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Suki Suki Daisuki by Ironicallyforu
Ladybug by Acyonn
In the desert by LinaUnderdog
Become Cat by Acyonn
Beast And Carly by sunnyday2000
Watame and Ina by fiercefreesia
Christmas by IrisBlue16
Merry Fnuzzmas! by LiquidFrogStudios
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The Island by GamerArtisan
Mr. Pumpkin by Corppu
halloween pumpkin by 888goober888
Drawtober2021 Day9: Card I Two of Faces by littleevil0ne
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Inktober 2121 Aztec Princess by cuauhtliart
Gardening... by FrillianPuspaD
Inktober 2021 Skull by cuauhtliart
Pet Petting... by FrillianPuspaD
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Piratedragon And Gaiathief by RemnnTaki
Mihono Bourbon by GPAD
Soniadtiys160k by Matildatastic
Eyepatch by 888goober888
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Where Laura Lies by AuthorSanThora
Welcome to Red Light Inn by lady-blackwings
Maribelle's Meters by GamerArtisan
Eko and Siren (Demon OCs) by LPAki
Charlie's Angels cartoon painting by E-Ocasio
Ranma Saotome perfectly tanned by E-Ocasio
Mane 6 by Plasmaticia
Global by 888goober888
Rita Hayworth by PickledTentacle
Faye - commission by Kecilu
Asian Girl by IAmAClaesAndIhateIt
My Favorite Subject by MerlinVonBaron
Drawtober2021 Day8: Rope I Unbound by littleevil0ne
Uh oh by Vilatus
Cream Kitty by yancn6b
A cat down in Mexico by Ironicallyforu
MY STREET Again by E-Ocasio
My Workspace Drawing Board by E-Ocasio
My Profile's Community Bell by Triagonal
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Neptune Presents! by BraveDragonWolf

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A walk in the park by E-Ocasio
Animation commission (WIP) by SeamairWolf
Nature and Landscapes
P2U  - Butterfly Lineart by Elegantooo
Overdose Nightmare by MerlinVonBaron
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Comm Sheet w/ pics by HelmetCards
Disney's Hocus Pocus and the Three Stooges meme by E-Ocasio
Trick Or Treat With Me by E-Ocasio
Poetry and Literature
Thorns comes to a Stylist A young girl with long black hair in baggy clothes was sitting outside a beauty parlor crying her eyes out. Several of the patrons walk by, barely glancing at her, finally one of the women comes out and has her get inside. All the women in the shop let the girl sit someplace warm and finish crying her eyes out. After the crowd thins out the girl wipes her cheeks. She looks at all the ladies walking around in lovely red aprons with beautiful hair. One of the women most of the staff seems to be checking in with. The girl decides to go over to her, “Excuse me.”The woman stops all the staff around her, “Yes?”“I want a makeover.”“Oh?”“Yes,” her shoulders tighten up, and grips her clothes tightly. “I want new hair, nails, everything! Change everything!” she begins with a shout. “Please… I want to disappear.”“Oh, dear. Come here sweetie,” the woman ushered the young girl into a chair. “Why do you want such a drastic change?” the woman asked. She began combing out the girl’s hair. “You have such lovely hair and skin. Why the big shift?”“Because,” she began and stopped suddenly. She sniffled and looked around. No more customers had come in. Most of the women were back to their regular work but one or two were clearly still listening. “He lied to me. I can’t believe what they did to me,” she muttered softly.“They who, sweetie?” the woman wondered. The girl curled up on herself. A soft sigh came out of the women. The main hairdresser walked to the girl’s side and stroked her back. “You don’t have to say anything. But we can’t help if we don’t know anything,” the woman encouraged. “But I can get help?”The woman smiled, “We specialize in different kinds of help here. What happened sweetie?”The girl cried a little more before she sat up, “Ok. I was living in a coed dorm and my childhood guy friend moved into a place next to campus. I thought it was the perfect time to move in since we both had needs at the moment.”“Oh, honey,” her voice dragged out.“I know. What I didn’t know was that he broke up with his boyfriend a few months ago. Even if it seemed to be a fine split, I was surprised he didn’t tell me. Since they had known each other for such a long time. When I moved in things were fine. We even went to group together. The two of us were in a support group for orphaned teens where I saw this cute guy. I saw him around campus too. I started crushing on him hard but I don’t do well with people because I’m…. introverted and,” she motioned at her body. The ladies all knew she was trying not to say the word shy but that’s what she was. All of them could tell though that she also did not like her body or felt comfortable with it as she was dressed in baggy clothes down to her fingertip and using her hair to hide her face. The lady just nods and continues combing out her hair.“Well, I talked to my friend about it and it turns out that he knew something about him. The cutie was bi and outgoing so he thought I might have a shot. In fact, he surprised me by walking me to where he knew he hung out. When I got there, I was terrified but he encouraged me with words, tips, and perfume. I really like perfume. He knew that,” she stops talking again. Her breath catches as she tries and fails to stop crying again, “But when I was over talking to him my body began expanding.” “Oh no.”“Yeah. My stomach blew up like a massive beachball with my balloon breasts on top as I tried to talk to the guy! I was floating and my outfit ripped in horrible places and exposed my,” she shouts as she motions places. The woman pats her shoulder. “But he caught me and told me I would be all right. Like it had happened to him before or something. I thought he was going to help me. But then he shaved a paper down my top and let me go. He let me go with a smile and wave!” she shouts crying into her hands. “I bounced all over town. Kids were laughing at me, guys smacking me, everyone was taking pictures, and some people tried to pop me!” she finishes shouting. “Finally, I shrank back down enough to walk and caught a bus but everyone was still snickering at my huge size. While I wasn’t a weather balloon anymore, I was still huge. I barely squeezed in the bus. But it was already making the news I guess, as a little kid commented to their mom about me. By the time I got off the bus near the school what I expected happened; everyone at school had heard about the bouncing balloon girl. Everyone enjoyed laughing at me, making comments, and balloon noises around me while I tried to make my way back off campus to my apartment.”The ladies glance at each other while the girl tried to catch her breath. They wanted to say something but were not sure what to say at the moment.“Then there was my roommate smiling and asking how my day went without even looking at me in my tattered clothes. When I began crying, he was surprised and came over. I told him it went horribly because I inflated like a balloon. And he actually told me that he saw the whole thing. I started yelling, ‘why didn’t you catch me or save me?’ I was grabbing his shirt as my body trembled. I remember it was hard to stay on my feet. He had a little grin as he told me thought I would enjoy it. I broke down crying and screaming. He was doing something but I don’t remember. When I ripped up the number that I found in my shredded clothes he shouted something. After that, I locked myself in my room for days having collapsed and all. When I came out, I didn’t talk to him or anyone really.”“That makes sense,” all the women agreed. “Before I talked to anyone I started requesting to switch classes to online. I finally came out of the room to discover my friend at the counter with the guy I talked to, laughing like old friends. My heart sank a little seeing him. I already wanted to cry. But then it turned out he brought some balloons as a gift since he hadn’t heard from me,” she began.“He didn’t.”“He did.”“How did he even know where you lived?”“Remember the ex my roommate and friend broke up with?” “Yeah.”“It was him,” she said. All the women made different noises. “In fact, when I didn’t come out of my room or respond to him while he made noises at the door; that I didn’t hear by the way, he called him to see what it was he wrote on the note. He thought he insulted me or something. When he found out it was just his number he invited him over,” she explains. “Idiots. What an ass.” Was in the list of complaints the women say. “Wait a minute. So, he fixed you up with his ex at the moment you conveniently blow up worse than a puffball?” She nods. “Ow. This going from bad to worse, huh?”“Yeah. Because I told him I didn’t want to see him anymore and wasn’t going to call him. My roommate looked surprised but that guy. Nope, he just laughed and didn’t believe it.”“Ass.”“Yeah, because it turns out that perfume, that they had out because they were talking about, my darling roommate sprayed on me was something he used before. A joke to make people blow up as big as they are they nervous. Turned out that was how the two of them hocked up. So, he didn’t believe me when I said I didn’t want to go out and that in fact, I was so cute showing my emotions that way he looked forward to seeing me again, even with me crying innocent.”“Hell no. What did you do?”“I started crying. But I started yelling at my roommate. He seemed a little surprised when he heard I was crying and I’m sure my screaming at him didn’t help. But they both were there and he knew I don’t like showing skin in public. I was screaming about people laughing at me, touching me, and trying to kill me. You know what that guy said to me?”“I can probably guess.”“Hey take it easy. It was just a joke.”“Yeah. That was up there.” “He was even laughing about it. Blaming my roommate that it was something to bring us together. He put his arms on me as I tried backing away and pushing him away. When I started screaming that I would never date him he got the bottle to spray me again. I hit him with the plate on the counter and kept swinging till I could see the door. My roommate yelled for me but after he poisoned me like that I didn’t want to listen. I didn’t want to hear another word from him, either of them!!” she shouts putting her head in her hands. “What do I do now?”The ladies look at each other. A couple, get on their phones. The main hairdresser comes over with her phone open to a picture of a hugely inflated person with torn clothes, “This one you?” The girl nods. The women nod to each other. The picture was less than a week old. Several people get inflated. It is one of the most common jokes or pranks but it is listed as potentially lethal because of the drugs effects. “Ok. You’ll have to wear form fitting clothes for a while but they don’t have to be tight clothes. A new outfit and look should help. We can relocate you, too.”“You’ll help me?”All the women smile. “We know a few tricks. What do you think of the color red?”“It’s wonderful!”“Good. A nice short cut with a new color and some new clothes will make for a wonderful introduction to our friend, little Rosa,” the woman says while stroking out the hair. “Rosa. I like that.”...
This week's artist feature is @littleevil0ne !
Lemon Sunshine
All seeing eyes
Sweater Songs
Cold starry night
Her artworks emit a pleasantly comfortable and cozy feeling with sprinkles of magic!
Inktober Day 25: Buddy
Quiet Winter Window
Inktober Day 9: Throw
If you are interested, please check out her gallery!
Do you love the horror aesthetic? Check out @Rized-symptoms 's gallery!
Cruel angel
Albino goat
In the dark - Mermaid
They post their doodles as well!
Doodle #30
Doodle #29
Doodle #21
Be sure to also check out their instagram, if you are interested!
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