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We have several folders in our group and it seems some confusion to what should be sent to what!

Just in case you didn't know if you send your art into say the photography it will still show up in peoples messages just as if you sent it into featured

Here are some descriptions of each folder to clear up confusion! Hope this helps!

:bulletpink: Featured
Please do not submit to!

:bulletblue: Photography
Taken with a camera of some kind with no editing done

:bulletorange: Traditional Art
Done with out any computer editing EX: Drawings, paintings

:bulletblack: Digital Art
Done on the computer or with tablet  EX: Most animes

:bulletwhite: Artisan Crafts
Something made by hand EX: Jewry, Origami

:bulletgreen: Literature
The written language made into art EX: Poems, short stories

:bulletpurple: Photomanipulation  
Originality a photo taken with a camera of some kind but then edited with use of a computer

:bulletpink: Stamps
Don't really know how to explain this one go here for EX: smallartistbigart.deviantart.c…


:party: :woohoo: :iconiamhappyplz:

:bulletgreen: People!!! :bulletgreen:

This folder includes all photos of people!! It includes: Cosplay! Make-up! Regular people!!! What ever you come up with people!

Thank you for reading and Thank you for sending things to the correct folder! If you have any questions about anything do not hesitate to message us!!

~Keep making big art!
~~ Tiamimi

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