US Congress banning kids and bikes

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Just quickly read this and please sign the petition. I know u have read this and though oh great a petition click away i do the same thing. but seriously i wouldnt post this if i didnt feel strongly for it. I mean i live in australia so this doesnt effect me but if passed will effect many kids in the USA. imagine growing up without something u loved. whether it be ur playstation or ur push bike or skateboard, something u loved and ur whole family loved. say u come from a creative family an u werent alowed to paint or draw. or maybe a sporty family and u werent alowed to play football or soccer. it would suck right? well that wat the US Congress is trying to do to kids that ride dirtbikes. they dont want them to.

US Congress is trying to ban kids riding dirtbikes in the US. this is ridiculous. they ban lead paint in toys due to kids sucking on them. now they want to stop kids riding dirtbikes. where bikes come into play after lead paint i have no idea. but please, take 1 second of ur time and head over to & scroll down and sign the petition. all u have to do is type ur name & email then click sign.
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