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Just bought a Canon 60D!!! SOOOO Stoked! cant wait for it to get here! cost me $1229.00AUD for it with the 18-135mm Pro Lens!! pretty cheap! but still alot of money to me haha, put a bit of a burn on the savings for the new car but will be well worth it!!! cant wait to get my hands on it and start shooting alot more!
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im very very jealous right now
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haha dont be jealous of my bank account though!
in the past month i have spent like $4000.00 = got new bike and new camera.
it actually hurts quite a bit spending that much money haha
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haha aww no :(
i never spend money if i can help it, i have my cannon 450D and my twin lenses and thats all i need haha :)
random: ive been working on a r31 skyline with my friend - best fun ever and i have pictures, even though the car is pretty raped :)
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hahha yea i rarely spend money. aside from fuel and stuff ahha. i have a list of like 5 things i really want and they are all expensive. i now have 4 out of the 5 so no all i need to do is save for my new car. last thing on the list. haha i have had the list for so long. cant wait to get my new car and finish my list.

oh awesome definately show some pics. would love to see it!
haha just wanna say that ur awesome haha, girl thats into cars and willing and wanting to work on them! very rare haha.
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:P most people just think im strange! its not fair really haha
working on cars is very much fun and i dont think its boring and working with my friend who actually knows what he's doing is cool :) and yes! more pictures for sure
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hahah ur not strange! yea it is fun aye and yea it helps when ur doing it with someone that knows wat there doing. it saves stuffing it up in order to figure out how to do it haha. awesome cant wait to see them.
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