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Eminem - Space Bound Wallpaper

A wallpaper I made about Eminem and 1 of my favorite songs of his new album RECOVERY.

The Wallpaper is about the song Space Bound.

The text down the left wall is the official lyrics to the song with a small quote of my favorite line from the song on the right wall along with the recovery LOGO.

Credit to *Dracoart-Stock for the stock. [link]



fave and comment would be great
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Favorite song, Lotta meaning, Love the wall paper, Gunna use it.
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Love it! Very eerie and beautiful!
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awesome ! my best song (space bound ) ^^
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Very nice bro, my favorite rapper
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Very cool wallpaper. Check out my new EMINEM wallpaper uploads.
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thanks and will do
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nice wallpaper. Plus, the song is awesome. One of the best tracks he put on Recovery.
My fav is So Bad, cause of the lyrics, but yea - thumbs up for this one!
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thanks man yea is awesome song!
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One of the best songs on the album.
Love the wallpaper. :)
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Yeah agreed.

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One of THE BEST wallpapers I have seen. Very good job, I love that you managed to put the lyrics to the whole song in there. =)
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thank you very much! very much appreciated.
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Space Bound is such an awesome song, I made a wallpaper about it too, isn't half as good as yours, well done! :D
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hell yea it is. Sweet i would love to see it. :D
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Lol, It really isn't that good cause' I only started making wallpapers and I only have Elements :S But here it is [link]
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Here is the render, I just uploaded it. [link]
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Nice, pretty impressive. good blend of environment with the space ship and background along with the song.
Also I'll post up a render of the recovery logo for ya in case u wanna make another wallpaper. I couldn't find it anywhere so i recreated it.
very nice idea supported by an amazing song! using this as my wallpaper now!
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i'm in love with this song. also a great wallpaper.
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Yea same and thanks
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