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A Broken Landscape

Always liked these kinds of wallpapers and saw a cool one tonight so decided to try one myself. only took 10mins or so and kept changing some stuff.


Also I urge everyone to go and check out the original "Holland Dream" by `manicho [link]
IT IS AMAZING WORK! download, fave it. do watever. it deserves everybit of credit it can get. simple awesome!
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:thumbsup: Cool stuff man, don't remove it. If you can put a link back to the original, that'd be good though.
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to easy. done...linked to image and credit put where credit is due.
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This is copyright infringement of "Holland Dream" by `manicho - do you even have permission to modify his original wallpaper and re-release WITHOUT credit?
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Seeing as the original location I obtained this image was a "Free Wallpaper" website. I had no idea or reason to believe this was a Copyrighted work of art. [link]
There is no wording on this site that leads me to believe I could not use this image.
After reading through `manicho's Terms of Use for his images, the website which I obtained the image is in violation of two of the terms he has written.
1. Not linking back to `manicho's deviantART Gallery
2. Uploading the Image itself.
As I was not informed about the images original location and creator there was no way of me knowing I was using copyrighted material.
Now that I have been informed I shall get in touch with `manicho and explain the situation and ask if it is alright for me to keep my deviantion "A Broken Landscape" if I credit him.
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Hey hey, ok sorry to be so blunt but I've seen many people rip people's work 'knowingly' and attempt to get away with it. On that note aside, I happen to like this concept a lot! I just feel the broken glass could be sharpened to give this more of an edge. Perhaps add a small bit of broken glass towards the bottom left somewhere as well.
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Hey mate, no worries aye. I don't like it when people rip off peoples work either.
If I knew that it was copyrighted and if I got the original from `manicho from deviantART I wouldn't have even dragged the image into Photoshop before I asked for permission first. And it's great having a community of artist on the look out for thieves and copyright violations.
Thanks mate. I like this concept as well. Always wanted to do one, then I saw one the other night and just thought "stuff it I'm making one" haha.
That's a good idea to sharpen it. I might try it and if it looks better I'll upload a updated image.
I thought of adding more cracked glass down the bottom left and even the top left but when I did it just made the image a bit "too busy" if you know what I mean so I just kept it simple.
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