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Important Things to Know :D

What you can SUBMIT:
Traditional, digital, and 3D art (sculptures/models)
Event Journals
Commission info sheets/journals
WIPs/In Progress works

What you can NOT SUBMIT:
Overly violent/gore depicted work
Overly sexual/sexualized depictions
Fetishes, Kinks, or anything of that manner
Stolen art; I am against any form of art stealing and will report any stolen art as well as note down the user who stole it

Submission RULES:
1. You can submit as many pieces of work as you want to the folders, just be courteous to the other group members!

2. Please only submit finished works for the Featured Folder, no WIPs or progress artworks (that will have its own folder)

Group RULES:
1. Please submit your deviations to the right folder! It makes it much easier to accept submissions and keeps the folders neat!

2. If you're a member, you may advertise/promote in the comments, however please don't spam the comments

3. All points received from the donations box will be used for contests and events for this group (you can find the donation box on my page)…


5. It is not required, but it would be AWESOME if members would take some time each week to give favs, llamas, and comments to the work that's been submitted in the gallery! Remember there are real people and real effort behind each artwork, and everyone deserves some support for it!

Have a wonderful day and thank you for coming!

Resources/Helpful Info:

Group Info

For New/Small deviants that create any type of artwork! (Except for NSFW and other mature themes, this is a safe club for all members):

First joining Deviant Art can be a bit overwhelming, and sometimes it's hard to get a good start with your art here. This club is meant to help new and small/underrated deviants see other people's artworks, support/connect each other, and help establish a starting point for new deviants to make friends, gain points, etc. There will also be events to help donate to charities and such! ---
I've searched through many clubs and there weren't many active clubs that held the same interest. Many have died/became inactive, however, I plan on keeping this club alive and well so it's members have a place to showcase their art!

Our official DA account:…
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327 Members
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Hi everyone, welcome back to SAC!Hi
This journal will explain, in detail, a new project/program the SAC will be running. It's called "Gift Deliveries" project. Continue reading if you want to know more and/or sign up for the program!
What is the project?
The gift project is a program where SAC will randomly select 3 different members (who have signed up for this program) everyday and gift each of them 5 points. Each person in the program will be given the gift once before the cycle repeats again.
Why does this project exist?
This program was created in order to better distribute the donation points that SAC receives. While many events like contests and giveaways are more exciting, they usually give out points unevenly, like to those who are lucky, have honed their art skills, etc. Big events like these are also often participated by very active artists, and that is awesome! However, it would be great to give some support to the other less active artists since not everyone is ready to dive headfirst into the community just yet.
Intriguing - So how does it work?
Glad you asked! Here's how the program will work:
  1. SAC will have a full list of everyone in the program - each person will be given a number.
  2. 3 people will be selected for the gift using a random number picker/generator. This will be repeated until everyone gets the gift once.
  3. The cycle will restart and everyone will be able to receive the gift again.
little star Alright, how do I sign up?
First, you'll have to be a member of the @Small-Artists-Centre (it's completely free and has automatic approval!) Then comment that you want to join the program below. That's it!
Okay, what now?
Just wait for the points! You never know when a little gift will arrive at your digital doorstep. For the first week or so, SAC will be test running the program by giving out points to random members of the SAC group. This is to help spread awareness of the program to our pre-existing members and to flesh out any bumps we might encounter. Of course, we will also include anyone who signs up for the program during those weeks.
Cool is that all - can I go see other people's art now?
Yep. Just remember that you do not have to keep these points. This program is also trying to better engage the art community, so feel free to share those points with others! You can donate, send as a gift, or even spend the points to support your fellow artists.
Possible Common Questions/Answers:
Q: Why is the gift only 5 points?
A: The Small Artists Centre relies mainly on donations and a monthly budget that can be used to buy points. While giving large amounts of points would benefit some members better, the group would quickly run out of points. This means other artists will not get the chance to receive a gift.
Q: Why are you only picking 3 members everyday?
A: Only 3 members will get a gift each day to ensure that we don't use up the SAC's point bank too quickly. It's also an easier number of gifts to manage and make sure that everyone receives their gift.
Q: What do you mean by the cycle resets/restarts?
A: After everyone in the program has been giving the gift once, all of their names will be listed as "given". This tells us that if their number pops up again in the randomizer, we can skip over that number (so we don't accidentally give out more gifts than we should). The cycle reset is when everyone's names is "reset" and listed as "not given". So, the cycle continues again.
Q: Are there requirements to join?
A: Yes, you have to be a member of the @Small-Artists-Centre for at least 3 days before being able to receive a gift from this program. An optional, but appreciated thing is to watch this account @SmallArtistsCentre as well.
Q: Do I have to keep the points?
A: No you don't need to keep the points. You can donate them, spend them, or gift them to other artists.
Q: Can I opt out/quit the program?
A: Yes, you can. Just send me a note/message that you would like to be opted out. (Note: Pre-existing members who received a gift during the test weeks are not actually signed up for the program and do not need to be opted out).
Let me know of any questions or concerns in the comments!
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Hello! Our mascot Sofia welcomes you to the Small-Artists-Centre group!

If you haven't already, go check out the group gallery and our DA account:…

Art created by Kaeyalen
Original design by ArtisticDemonn








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