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Girl with Pearl Earring

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My favorite green-garbed photographer has returned. Huzzah!

Based on "Girl with a pearl earring" by Vermeer.
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great idea!
nise portrait!
nodemons's avatar
When I saw this in PC Gamer I was overjoyed :D
Ray3885's avatar
I actually really like this because it looks like a classic, simple portrait of someone real.
lycanthropeful's avatar
I love Vermeer and I love Jade as well. You blended them together beautifully! :)
MorningGlory9's avatar
That is absolutely gorgeous~ :)
jmk1999's avatar
can i have this featured in the :iconbgeclub: gallery? :) i'm sending a request. all you got to do is approve it. :)
Smaggers's avatar
sure. sorry I've not been on much recently, very busy with new job
jmk1999's avatar
understandable. thanks for the reply! :)
Tsaalyo's avatar
You've been featured in my journal! [link] :)
Smaggers's avatar
Splendid. Many thanks.
jmk1999's avatar
:O that's freakin cool! nice work! you should check out: :iconbgeclub:! :D we'd love to be honored with this in our gallery if you'd like to join. :)
Smaggers's avatar
How do I do that?
jmk1999's avatar
just send the club a note to join, give them a watch took keep up with the happenings and, if possible, stick a link to it in your journal or something so others can find out about the club. then if you wanna submit this and other art, just send a note with a link to it. they'll grab it and submit it to the gallery.
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residentevilfreak553's avatar
Haha I love this!:boogie: I love the soft expression on Jade's face! Amazing job!:highfive:
Smaggers's avatar
I must say I rather fell in love with her as I was painting it.
residentevilfreak553's avatar
Really?:O Truthfully, this is probably one of the girliest and prettiest Jades I've seen!:love: I can't wait for beyond good and evil 2!! :w00t:
Phil-CSF's avatar
Six months are nearly up, any news on when this'll be available to view again?
Smaggers's avatar
I'll can get her back up tomorrow if I remember. My Contract conditions have been changed, (huzzah).
Smaggers's avatar
That's her. But aren't you seeing the temporary version with the sunglasses on? I've had to remove the original for a while, It's been published in a UK magazine, and they have exclusive copyright for six months.
firespot's avatar
It's really good, she looks just like jade from the game Beyond Good & Evil, is it a coincedence?
PlushyBat's avatar
This is really great :D I love the earring :heart:
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