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Dogs Playing Poker

Another in the series for PC Gamer.

A whole bunch of gaming-related dogs chilling out round the poker table.
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Vg dogs playing poker love it
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Despite the overwhelming amount of game characters, and my fondness for video games as a avid gamer, Mr. Pink being in there just made it perfect for me, he was my absolute favorite from Reservoir Dogs, and probably my favorite Quentin Tarantino character XD
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ahha what the hell? this is too funny!! i cant believe the reservoir dogs guy is in there too, thats awesome! haha and houndeye lol.. whos the blurred out dog?
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it's the dog from wolfenstein
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That's what I was going to ask...I remember those pixelated canines biting heavily!
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Haha.. Clever =p
It took me a second..
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what about three dog
The sonic hound thing from HL1 should have it's cards facing various directions, on account their blind.
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Hahaa, I like that.
Is the digitized dog from Wolfenstein or Red Alert?
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Haha, took me a while to get why Mr. Pink was there XD

And is that golden dog the one from the secret Dog Ending of Silent Hill 2? Or am I just insane?
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I have to be honest, the golden dog was in the brief and I couldn't identify him either :)
scabbed-angel-16's avatar
Well I think it looks a lot like the one from the secret ending of SH2. :)
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Is that the dog from Wolf3d?
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Yep. Poor thing never managed to make the leap to more pixels. :)
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Wow! U managed to make Sam look 3d ish :>
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I only recognise Sam from Sam and Max, and the dude from Half Life, but this picture is really fun to look at. Love the pixelly critter at the back. Haha, Beethowen would have been nice too. :D
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Now that's a very different set of dogs (if all of them are even dogs anyways).

I would be really surprised if the Houndeye or Dog (HL2) wins at Poker.
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Cool pic! Love the detail :)
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