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by ButLova

Nice job on that ass, man. Once I saw this sketch, all i could think was: DAT ASS THO! Got em thick ass curves, nice legs, and big ol b...

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Damn, Stan Lee has died a couple hours ago. I knew this day would come but I didn’t think it would be today. RIP you amazing motherfucker. Not only you were the king of cameo appearances but you brought us Marvel fans together 😭

Filename by SlyZeke101
Age: 15
Job: Priest
Weapons: Bayonets
Color: Scarlet
Homeland: Velder
Bio: Nobody knew where Isaiah came from, He was raised by a family of priests and mages who worships Ishmael. When they found him, there was mystic symbols on his hand and had a strange left eye with As he grew older, he met a girl who admitted that she has a crush on him. However that girl apparently was a demon who wanted to kill him. Fortunately for Isaiah, his left eye emitted a strange glow and summoned twin Bayonets to slay the demon trickster. He felt guilty for killing the girl despite of doing it for self defense. He swore that he never kill anyone else unless he had absolutely no choice. Eventually He met, Kiro, Erik and Xerxes who convinced him to join their group
Bowestte is offically 100% waifu material XDBowsette emoticon 

Name: Xerxes

Age: 21

Species: Homunculus

Job: Savior

Weapon: Rod, Electricity

Homeland: Sander

Bio: He was originally an abused boy who was harrased by his father for not being strong, eventually he committed suicide but Uriel unknowingly re-birthed him into a Homunculus when she tried using summoning magic for the first time. Xerxes and Uriel gotten along as she learned about his past life. Uriel felt pity for him so she helps him how to feel love, make friends and be confident but one day, he started having nightmares of him killing Uriel and innocent people. Horrified, He decides to leave Uriel as he afraid that he might kill her and anyone else. He isolated himself from others until he met Kiro and Erik, they motivated him to stop hating himself for who he is and use his powers to protect others from harm. 


Name: Erik Ratchetz

Age: 18

Species: Nasod Cyborg

Job: Engineer

Weapon: Shotgun and Wrench

Homeland: Altera

Color: Honey Yellow

Bio: Erik was a orphaned engineer raised by the Ponnogos, Learning how to build defensive devices like Sentries and Traps until one day, he wandered off to the Return Plains, he got attacked by Black Crow soldiers that patrolling the area, He was greatly injured while trying to get captured but sadly failed once he was caught by Raven, who was ordered to bring him into the Research Lab where Erik became a Nasod Cyborg like him. He managed to escape from the Nasods by playing dead to avoid getting brainwashed but suffered an head injury the process, Causing him to lose his memories. Luckily he was founded by Kiro who managed to save him from blood loss.

The main characters of my Wattpad werewolf book, Heathens about 6 six omegas who suffers the worst abuse by their family: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally, Verbally, Spiritually and Sexually.

Fugo Garcia♂
Nationality: Mexican
Personality: Bipolar
Abuse: Mental
Likes: Soccer, Jogging, Socializing 
Favorite Music: Maroon 5
Wolf: Javier

Zoey Michaelis ♀
Nationality: British
Personality: Sardonic and Rebellious
Abuse: Physical
Like: Boxing,  WWE and Graffiti
Favorite Music: The Neighbourhood
Wolf: Marzia

Takuro Yoshikage♂
Nationality: Japanese
Personality: Creative and Shy
Abuse: Verbal
Like: Anime, Manga, Nintendo and PlayStation Games
Favorite Music: Imagine Dragons
Wolf: Shun

Luciela Schmidt ♀
Nationality: French
Personality: Emo
Abuse: Emotional 
Like: Reading, Horror Movies and  Drawing
Favorite Music: Fall Out Boy
Wolf: Cramoisi

Caesar Antonio ♂
Nationality: Italian
Age: 20
Personality: Polite
Abuse: Spiritual
Like: Yaoi, Smoking, Studying the Vampires
Favorite Music: Gorillaz
Wolf: Tobias

Nathalie Raymond♀
Nationality: Africa-American
Age: 18
Personality: Shy but Optimistic
Abuse: Sexual
Like: Nice People, Cooking, Her Friends 
Favorite Music: Panic! at the Disco
Wolf: Pepper
Arcana Knights(Full Colored)
Arcana Knights are descendants of various magical families who wields powers from the Major Arcana tarot cards are on the road of destiny to destroy the Nullvoid Zone, a world where your inner demons will take in physical form to drive you into insanity!

0 The Fool
1 The Magician 
2 The High Priestess
3 The Empress 
4 The Emperor 
5 The Hierophant 
6 The Lovers 
7 The Chariot 
8 Strength 
9 The Hermit 
10 Wheel of Fortune 
11 Justice
12 The Hanged Man
13 Death
14 Temperance
15 The Devil
16 The Tower
17 The Star
18 The Moon
19 The Sun
20 Judgement
21. The World

0 Ivan
1 Zander
2 Jewels
3 Kara
4 Georgie
5 Blake 
6 Felix
7 Piers
8 Waylon
9 Tanner
10 Damien 
11 Venus
12 Rhett
13 Hades
14 Simon 
15 Lilith 
16 Clark 
17 Alisha
18 Eisuke
19 Yvette
20 Niko
21 Michael
New Sonic Ocs
My latest Sonic ocs!

Weapon: Bow and Mines
Abilities: Tóxokinesis
Species: Half-Furred Dragon
Color: Aqua Green

Weapon: Triton
Abilities: Hydrokinesis
Species: Whitetip Shark
Color: Navy Blue

Fun fact: Opal’s Design is inspired by Sash Lilac from Freedom Planet
Darius and Penelope
This is Darius and his beloved Penelope before the tragic event that ruined their normal life
Name:Kiro Yazami
Age: 19
Species: Human
Job: Wanderer
Weapon: Kusarigama(Chain Scythe)
Homeland: Hamel
Color: Charcoal
Bio: Son of The masterful shinobi from the Yazami clan who was friends with the Haan family, at the same time Ara’s brother Aren(Ran) attack the villages, Kiro managed to escape with his father’s Kusarigama but his entire clan was slaughtered and he was the sole survivor. So he sets out to take out the demon armies around the world before they conquer it!



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Title says it all


1. Kiro
Age: 19
Species: Human
Job: Wanderer
Weapon: Kusarigama(Chain Scythe)
Homeland: Hamel
Color: Charcoal Black

2. Erik
Age: 18
Species: Cyborg(Human with Nasod Limbs)
Job: Engineer
Weapon: Shotgun and Wrench
Homeland: Altera
Color: Honey Yellow

3. Xerxes
Age: 21
Species: Homunculus
Job: Saviour
Weapon: Rod, Electricity
Homeland: Sander
Color: Amber

4. Isaiah
Age: 15
Species: Human
Job: Priest
Weapon: Cross
Homeland: Velder
Color: Scarlet

5. Marik
Age: 16
Species: Human
Job: Drifter
Weapon: Dual Magnums, Straightsword
Homeland: Sander
Color: Dark Orange

6. Tobias
Age: 17
Species: Demihuman(Wolf)
Job: Blader
Weapon: Falcata
Homeland: Sander
Color: Mint Green

7. Joshua
Age: 18
Species: Human
Job: Iron Knight
Weapon: Falchion
Homeland: Feita
Color: Azure

8. Markus
Age: 16
Species: Human
Job: Defender
Weapon: Shield and Xiphos
Homeland: Feita
Color: Coblat


1. Dontai
Age: 17
Species: Human
Job: Thief
Weapon: Daggers
Homeland: Hamel
Color: Cerulean

2. Ivy
Age: 22
Job: Alchemist
Weapon: Whipsword
Homeland: Lanox
Color: Iris

3. Glaze
Age: 18
Species: Human
Job: Striker
Weapon: Glaives
Homeland: Hamel
Color: Pearl White

4. Shiloh
Age: 16
Species: Human
Job: Cavalier
Weapon: Lance
Homeland: Velder
Color: Indigo

5. Phoebe
Age: 15
Species: Human
Job: Assassin
Weapon: Odachi
Homeland: Lanox
Color: Garnet

6. Ursula
Age: 17
Species: Demihuman(Shark)
Job:  Warrior
Weapon: Trident
Homeland: Hamel
Color: Navy

7. Rebecca
Age: 19
Species: Human
Job: Rouge
Weapon: Kukri
Homeland: Sander
Color: Dandelion

8. Christa
Age: 19
Species: Human
Job: Dancer
Weapon: Chakrams
Homeland: Sander
Color: Viridian

I'm currently drawing them


SlyZeke101's Profile Picture
Zakeen Daniel
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
I am a 17-year-old otaku who loves Sonic,Mario, and other video game heros and plays MMORPG games, also very obsessed with anime and manga especially Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Bleach and Jojo's Bizzare Adventure.

Youtube Account: (Black Tanooki AKA Zenos)…

Steam Account: (Red Samurai AKA Zakuma)…

Weapons: Paintbrush and Digital Gunblade

Powers: Creating Power Crystals and artificial Miis, Palleteokinesis(Paint Manipulation) and Technokinesis(Technology Manipulation)

Friends: :icontomodachismash:, :iconlopez765:, :icondaidek:, :iconcameronmao:, :iconcarmenramcat:, :iconsarey-raccoon:, :iconlordchocochip:, :iconpixelboid:, :iconaugustflorencewaters:, :iconthebrandonian:, :iconnitrosilver98:,:iconblackprincess21:, :iconlucinalover20:, :icongoldrainbowmario:, :iconmoonielunie:, :iconacademian:, :iconlordtrigonstar:, :iconhobygrenousse:, :iconlittlemisshistorylov:, :iconkillzonepro194:, :icondusktheraccoon:, :icontodo-matsu:, :iconrgr98:, :iconfnafdoodle:, :iconstefani-sunshine:, :icontgeannetta:,:iconshadowsight790:,:iconicewrightisright9000:, :icondavid4jet:, :iconrobbieraeful:, :iconflameshine2014:, :iconrosalinassoulmate:, :iconositodraws:, :icontravis-lawson:, :iconmddbrandon12:

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