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Shadow Of A Hedgehog

the 3 different sides of shadow
Dark-Black Doom
My mum wanted me to call it 'What The..." Lol
Shadow , Sonic , Black Doom and eggman owned by Sega
had to take it with my mums camara since its a rather large book =P so it didn't fit in the scanner Lol

Baldy Nosehair is like "Yosh!"
Doom Is Like "Rawr"
Sonic kinda has that physcotic look about him ^^;
Doom...Now He was really annoying to draw
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Sep 30, 2010, 7:14:32 AM
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>w< nyya! :iconomgcuteplz: X3 love itt~:iconmusicnoteplz:
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Glad You Like It ^.^
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oh i get it btw can u make a comic where sonic turns evil
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is sonic in the dark side or something
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then wats rong and y is he with black doom and dr.eggman he should be fighting dr.eggman
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no whats its ment to be 3 different sides as if the sky was spilt into seperate peices its in the discription
to the shadow the hedgehog game i you have 3 kinds of sotry endings hero neutrul and dark nutrul is all about shadow android so that why endman is up representing the nuetrul side of shads like black doom is up there preresenting evil and sonic good
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oh i get it btw can u do a comic where sonic turns evil
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ya know, this reminds me of the game shadow the hedgehog, and sweet drawing sweet child of mine! lol had to say that
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its basically is the game shadow the hedgehog
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yay o3o u has dat game?
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No i know about the entire game without even having it...OF COURSE I DO!!!! X3
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same! i finished it only once cus me so stupid
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i have 4 moe storys till the final one
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hey ish u still online? if so im back on meebo
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message me when UR online
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:clap: great picture o3o
haha my friend came up behind me and was like "why does sonic have a rape face? ._." and then I looked at her like "wait.. what?" excuse my friend she's weird .___.
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don't worry..before when i drew the thing sonic was wearing lipstick and had a crazy look in his eye XD XD XD
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Cool drawing man, Keep the shizzle up :)
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