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The Making of a Nymph

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It looks so easy when it's set up like this...

This is a cleaned up process of how I created the final panel in chapter 2, page 28 of my webcomic. The page was about two weeks worth of work, compared to the usual five days. Kinda like I went from not quite knowing how to do water in Photoshop to being able to digitally paint a girl made of water. It's not perfect, but she shows up on the next page too, so I'll get plenty of practice. *weeps*

I'll be trying to make another version of this with text tutorial in the near future.

Photoshop 5.5
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LPHogan's avatar
Guess... "Wauv"... is the only word that covers this...
Varethane's avatar
The amount of detail you guys put into each page is just astounding-- watching this really drove it home. Especially in how you layered the backgrounds-- detailing the empty streambed before filling it with water, for instance.

Beautiful. (:
Yuki7k's avatar
holy crap! That was amazing to watch. thank you for sharing ; )
PS I haven't read the latest comic yet, asdhrhg spoiler lol
Karnanyd's avatar
Sly, that's... that's amazing. I am in awe. And totally envious of your talent. :)