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No matter what, you always want to have control,
At everyone's expense,
You never listen to anyone whose views,
Are not your own extravagance,
You see the world in black and white,
Refuse to know there's any other shade,
And you expect that all around,
Should live within the boundaries you have made,
You must control, you can't let go, you'll never know,
You will never understand,
Just what it meant to hold her hand,
And how she always made me whole,
There's no room in your blackened soul,
Just stay away,

You locked your claws into her heart,
Before she ever had the chance to grow,
You tried to see your twisted view of life,
Was all that she would ever know,
You tried to crush that spark of light,
Whenever you say it shine in her eyes,
And to the world you kept your jealousy,
Behind a thinly veiled disguise,
It's in your eyes, behind your lies, that you despise,
You must destroy all that you see that you can't comprehend,
Your mind is closed to others' ne
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My Life So Far
My Life So Far
by Joshua Duroux
Series 1, Volume 1, Part 1, Chapter 1A,
Even though my spawn certificate lists Mars, strictly speaking I was not born on the planet's surface, but rather in an orbiting hospistation. To begin my story properly, one must go back before the beginning.
My father, mother and dutha were members of the Time Travelling Kidnap And Impregnate Future Generation Terran Human Beings Program, or BLXR for short. The Jovian Council, knowing that some future catastrophe would wipe out the settlements of several planets in the not too distant future, but unable to discover what the calamity would be, decided to experiment with the primitive life forms existing in the future on Earth, mixing Terran genes with those of various other Solar organisms.
I never discovered the entire story, as the information was classified, but apparently with my spawning something went horribly wrong. While I was raised by my father and mother, I never found out who my real duth
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If this you are reading, then I must apologise,
Because you’ll find that this poem is really nothing in disguise,
It has no story, has no plot, nor any inspiration,
In fact you’ll find just reading it a rather dull sensation,
It won’t get any better, it, in fact, is getting worse,
You probably would have more fun a-riding in a hearse,
It only keeps the name of “poem” because it has a rhyme,
Also the uncanny way it keeps itself in time,
It probably would be best if you just stopped reading now,
But instead you just keep ploughing, I can’t imagine how,
I tried to give you good advice but found that it was scorned,
I told you to stop reading, very well, you have been warned,
I must admit I really am impressed by your persistence,
This poem is only here to justify its own existence,
I guess that you’ve been waiting for a great display of wit,
I tried to tell you otherwise, oh well, the end, that’s it,
Copyright Joshua Duroux 2003
Written 16/0
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I Am
I Am
I drink from the bottle,
And eat from the box,
For several days running,
I wear the same socks,
I like my cars fast,
And my racing the same,
But don’t interrupt,
When I’m watching the game,
My ego’s important,
It needs to inflate,
When I’m having a drink,
Down the pub with my mates,
I couldn’t be bothered,
With trinkets and gardens,
And romance and thank yous,
And sorries and pardons,
I like action movies,
And fictional science,
And see nothing wrong,
With a good bit of violence,
I feel in control,
And I like to take charge,
(And I secretly wish,
Everyone called me, “Sarge,”)
Don’t treat me like you’re right,
And I’m always wrong,
Don’t stare at my beer gut,
Or at my old thongs,
Don’t think I can magically,
Fix all machines,
Or hate me for buying,
A new M-16,
I just like to keep my life,
Free of decisions,
And not have to make,
Any complex decisions,
I’d like to live life,
Like it’s all one big joke,
Just simple
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Old Grogan Tape Cover Idea by slyde23 Old Grogan Tape Cover Idea :iconslyde23:slyde23 2 5
She calls,
And the Titan answers,
Rising over her,
To stare down at her flesh,
Pulsing, waiting,
She has control over the Titan,
Which wants to delve into the dark and wet,
But not yet does she let it go,
The Titan quivers in expectation,
Eager to please her,
To bend to her will,
She knows the Titan waits,
She can sense its tension,
Feel its desire,
The Titan tries to remain tamed,
But its instinct strives to take over,
Eventually the Titan can no longer contain itself,
And, diving back into its realm,
She feels the salt spray upon her skin,
But still she knows she has control over the Titan,
That it will always come when she calls,
And still the Titan waits,
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Guitar by slyde23 Guitar :iconslyde23:slyde23 3 57 lickout by slyde23
Mature content
lickout :iconslyde23:slyde23 3 27
What to Write About
I Can’t Think What to Write About
I feel like writing a new song,
That will make people sing along,
But when I try, there’s something wrong,
I can’t think what to write about,
I’d like to make it top the charts,
I have to try and use my arts,
But everything’s in fits and starts,
I can’t think what to write about,
I could just stick to tried and true,
And write a song of me and you,
But when I try to do that, too,
I can’t think what to write about,
I could be shocking, try my luck,
Controversy can make a buck,
But rhyming swear words, I get stuck,
I can’t think what to write about,
I’ll make sure I make each line rhyme,
And surely, it’s not quite a crime,
If I find that I cannot keep it all in time,
I can’t think what to write about,
And so I’ll put paper to pen,
And if I’m stuck, I’ll start again,
And who knows how I’ll go just when,
I find something to write about!
:iconslyde23:slyde23 3 69
For SW
A beautiful bird flies by in the night,
And alights next to me,
I reach out and cradle her in my hands,
She is unsure of my touch,
I hold her loosely and delicately,
So she can fly away whenever she wants,
She is at once dark and pale,
Fragile and strong,
Delicate and perceptive,
Lost and purposeful,
I know she is perfect,
I want nothing more than for her
To stay with me,
To give myself to her,
And for her to be mine,
Yet I cannot trap her,
I cannot close my hands around her,
She can never be caged,
She must always be allowed to fly into the night again,
I feel her heart beating,
And I know she is frightened,
But she stays within my hands,
I hope I can provide her the comfort she needs,
The care she wants but does not seek,
The love she deserves,
She looks up at me and – ah!
She captures my heart,
And enfolds it in her wings,
She buries deep into my soul,
And I know she will haunt my dreams forever,
She stirs,
The moonlight falling on her,
Casting her shadow upon
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Random Favourites

Once upon a time in a particularly small country there lived a prince, who was very, very, insanely rich, as princes are wont to be. There was also a maiden who was not very rich at all, as people from the lower class were also wont to be. She, however, was very strongly motivated towards the equality of women to men and was very ambitious, intending to rise to high powers to prove her point.
One day while she was innocently burning her bra in the street, much to her father’s consternation, a large black limousine pulled up. A stately looking man stepped out and she knew immediately it was the prince. Seeing who it was she reached in her purse for her deodorant and sprayed her burning bra with the flammable liquid, making the flames leap higher.
The father, although proud of his daughter’s perseverance in her quest for equality, said, to impress the prince and make it seem that they were not an entirely impoverished and uneducated family, as humans are wont to do when they wi
:iconcaileagh-faoileag:Caileagh-Faoileag 3 4
The waves beat upon the rocks, each crash a warning cry of impending doom, each sighing retreat a keening sound mourning those who did not heed the caution. Each plea came louder and softer, variably, until the night began to settle and they calmed to an almost silent lapping at the shoreline.
The man that wandered at the very heart of the forest could barely hear the ocean waves imploring him to take his leave from the island. He wandered oblivious to the imminent danger that the waves foretold, enraptured by the scenic beauty that surrounded him. Whatever fate had brought him here he could not tell, yet he felt his presence was wanted…and still yet there was that niggling feeling at the back of his mind.
How he had arrived here was still a mystery, and he felt as if he were in a pleasant dream; a fantasy of his deepest desires. It was a quiet, unearthly beautiful place, where the setting sun shimmered on dew drops and coloured them a deep red. As if though of blood.
Night fell q
:iconcaileagh-faoileag:Caileagh-Faoileag 4 18
Re: How Do I Tell Her
Twilight – the haunting hours;
A time when monsters cross between worlds.
And mine haunt me yet.
This I understand.
When the spoken word
Differs from the act
I still know that there was no metaphor
When they promised me forever.
We all walk down the hard road
At different times,
And sometimes we catch up to one another.
I saw too many bones
Scattered along the wayside,
The broken bodies
Of those that fell, and begged me to join them.
I was transfixed by fear
And I could not move,
Could not look up again.
I do understand
That twilight is the hardest time to see,
That darkness looms,
But that dawn breaks through.
I cannot inherit the crooked staff and lore
Of another,
Rather, help me create my own,
And thus I will learn.
We all succumb sometimes,
When fear and hate and hopelessness
Clutch at you and pull you down.
I clung so desperately to them,
These tangible ghosts in my mind,
That haunted my reality
And made me listen to their lies.
I built myself an illusory defence
And would no
:iconcaileagh-faoileag:Caileagh-Faoileag 3 186
Briar Rose
With elfin-locks
And spitfire glare,
She quickly spoke
In vehemence
That rendered hearts
With her cruel despair,
“I would, your life, revoke.”
Then, “if I had
the power so to do,
as I intend, then know
I would, without a pause,
from your body rend your head.
No wicked imp as I,
nor spiteful changeling,
has there ever been,
and without mercy
I’d strike you dead.”
Upon the wayward child he flung
Bouquets of stinging curses.
With twinkling eye
And acid tongue,
She lightly said,
In mocking tones
That made all eyes
Malicious in their pity,
“I’m sorry that I bled.”
And, “thus, forthwith
you must depart,
I implore you, sir, to go.
Thenceforth I request
do not avert your gaze
from the road ahead of you;
do not look back
to seek me on the path
you left behind.”
And if he had
He would have found
There was nothing left to find.
With gore-stained teeth
And raking claws,
She screamed aloud
And tore her flesh,
:iconcaileagh-faoileag:Caileagh-Faoileag 3 96


When you think about it, this is an exceedingly strange term. How can anything possibly be post modern? It's a contradiction!
Post modern must always at the least be tomorrow, and tomorrow never actually comes. Tomorrow is nothing more than an etherial ideal, a transient thought of future possibilities.

Tomorrow when the post began.
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  • Reading: Just finished Pandora by Anne Rice
  • Watching: Just watched Tomorrow When the War Began
  • Playing: Not with myself
  • Eating: No one at the moment
  • Drinking: Tea!


Joshua Duroux
Current Residence: Sydney
Favourite cartoon character: Daffy Duck


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