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The Slyforce

A combination of the logos for my two favorite games, Sly Cooper and the Legend of Zelda. The basis is the Triforce, and I kinda bent where the original colors should be on the actual one to make it work for Sly (if you rotate it to the left, then they would be up to Zelda standards) Sly is Courage, Bentley is Wisdom, and Murray is Power. The crossed canes are there just 'cause they take up space. XD

The Cooper Cane, the Cooper Crest, Bentley's logo, and Murray's logo are all copyrights of Sucker Punch Productions/Sanzaru Games Inc.

The :icontriforceplz: is a copyright of :iconnintendoplz:
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Great trio. Good work :-)
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You're welcome, buddy. I'm sorry
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This is a good job and I think it fits them all.
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Maybe a Zelda/Sly game in future?
SlyCooperRocks101's avatar
Maybe, that would be pretty cool~
Scavenger1234567890's avatar
I look at it this way,if non-Nintendo characters can make it into the next Smash game,why not a collab here?
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Think about it like the Super Mario RPG,that game was amazing.
SlyCooperRocks101's avatar
Yeah I've heard that one is really good, I haven't had a chance to play it yet though
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This is pretty creative! :)
Quan1000's avatar
Illuminati confi-.. I'm not even going to say it..
brensey's avatar
This is such a cool idea!
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Hey do you know kevin millers email you know umm sly coopers voice actor i guess that's his name and do you know were do you send fan mail to sanzaru.....If you do know can i please have it beacause i want to write to them... :D
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I got bored and made this on my 3ds inspired by your concept here.
SlyCooperRocks101's avatar
Dude that is so awesome! :D
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