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January Assignment -The Chase-


January Assignment

~~Ivy has spotted Blade trying to cause some trouble in the forest. She starts to chase him off, like the rest of the rangers are doing. She is currently more focused on clearing the forest of rocket scum than putting out the blazing fire at the moment...~~

I decided to go with a different style for this picture. Just in a exotic mood this time. ;D

XP: 22

Blade belongs to Operia
Ivy belongs to me
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OMG :heart: this is adorable!
Thank you for using Blade :hug:
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I find it funny that she's a grass type, yet not at all concerned about the flames licking at her fur as she runs though the undergrowth

that there
is the image of true devotion to a chase scene
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*shoves Ivy forward* She Is a true trooper. XD