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Sleeping Mandy **EDITED** by slycherrychunks Sleeping Mandy **EDITED** by slycherrychunks
Mandy can look cute without even trying sometimes. However, cuddling her is forbidden.

This was drawn with the intention of somehow conter-balancing DevARTs over-saturation of non-show accurate Mandy fanart, anime re-interprtations of her, grown up versions where she inexplicably has Grim's sythe etc, etc...

EDIT: she has a toe missing o_O

**EDITED** It's like they read my mind!!! : [link]
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CutiePieLittleMe Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Very cute indeed! Awww... :heart:
Too bad she won't let anyone hug her...
bogercs Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013
Now that madny is asleep and dreaming about world domination, How's about I dominate her by touch?
BlueDragonKaiser Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2011
I totally get what you mean about counter-balancing artwork here. I mean when you search Nickelodeon all you get on the first page is nothing but shitty doodles and uncreative memes all made by nostalgia whores who claim they "suck" now. What's sadder is that they're under the most popular of all time. :disbelief: It's like me and my buddy :iconcoonfoot: and those who follow him are the only true Nick fans left trying to provide positive ideas and make actual ART to overshadow that anti-Nick crap. But anyway really cute piece dude! At first I thought she was naked but then I saw the nightie =P
Generalnazor Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2010
"Mandy can look cute without even trying sometimes. However, cuddling her is forbidden"
Probibly because she would rip you limb from limb.
but it would still be worth it!
DanOblong Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Aw, what a cute version of her! :heart:
NatalieTheAntihero Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
:love: Awwwwww, she looks so lovely and peaceful when she sleeps, that makes me want to cuddle her a lot, but I better let it be. :XD: *lol*

Super cute pic of Mandy! :+favlove:
CutiePieLittleMe Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I totally agree. :D
Mandy is usually a tough cookie, but here, it look like she's sucking her thumb. :rofl:
I would hug her if she allowed it. :)
kukimao Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2008
aww she's so cute ^w^
Mandy: :furious:
Me: did I say cute I ment ugly ^_^ hehe....... hey what are you doing with that baseball bat mandy? um..... oh poop...... AHHH :sprint:
IMMORTAL-FOOL Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2007
Really cute. I love how she looks like she's sucking her thumb! :D
TrickyTiara Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
awwwww! Cute!!
purefaith6 Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2007
awwwwwwwwww shes soooooo cute!
Demons666steve Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2007
a que linda se ve asi jeje
GromoglasnaTisina Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007
Wake her up, and it's the end of the world. Sleeping beast. Very cute.
st-kitts101 Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2006
i like it not so evil when your asleep are u Mandy
okinsei Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you are my hero!
a long time ago, I noticed myself that all Mandy's Fanarts were derived from Bleedman's desing character. And concepts too... I mean, and adult thin Mandy carrying the scythe?
I am in favor of shorly and fattie Mandy!! As the drawings of yours.
asrialfeeple Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2006
It's hard to resit the urge to cuddle her when she looks like this.
Maybe we should sedate her first ^^;
smawzyuw2 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2006
AWWWWW!!!! HOW CUTE!!!!! Nicely drawn, although mandy's legs look like they'er a bit too long for her age. It, for some reason, reminds of a picture I made of Mandy casualy smilling while in a bathingsuite just for da heck of it. I love the factory music from Banjo-tooie.
stegosaur3 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2006
I bet I could cuddle up to her! *slides over to Mandy who is still asleep, gently picks her up without waking her, and carefully sets her on lap.* see?


You know, ever since the "Halls of Time" episode when Billy and Irwin put the hourglasses upside down and they and Mandy reversed-aged and showed Mandy sucking her thumb as a baby, I pretty well expected it to be habit forming for her. It could give her a sense of security. I mean who knows? She may actually be more afraid of the world than what we've been lead to believe. That's why she has such a nasty attitude, as a possible form of self-protection. But hey, I'm just guessing!
Anyway, I really think this is a great pic of her, she just looks so cute! And I've been thinking of someone doing this kind of picture. I'm glad to see you did. I hope you do more of her and the PPG's!
WingDiamond Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Billy Sayz: Hehehehehe! Mandy's sucking her thumb while she's sleepin'! ...

Mandy wakes up and grabs Billy by the throat, "And yer gonna be suckin' on my fist if you breathe a word of it to anyone!"
wraithxlion Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
That's exactly what I was thinking.
Coffgirl Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Geeeee!! very Cute!!
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
....tilts head...

hmm...somehow her legs seems off D:

because at that angle wouldn't it show off her thigh?

Oh well, You made DX blonde, I'm sure this is on the equivalent of that insanity arr :P!

keep up the good work Bates, and buy an airbrush, so you can spray tea in your mouth...arr!!
slycherrychunks Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
Stumpy-limbed characters like Mandy and the PPGs can be difficult to draw in odd positions such as this - Mandy's legs are already drawn too long here, If I were to show her thighs then that would extend her legs even further plus I would have to wrap the bottom of her nightie around her upper thighs and that would open up a whole new world of complexity.

Character art such as this should be kept simple and drawn using as few lines as possible in order to retain the style of the show.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
in that case, you should've made a better estimate on the length of her feet arr!

huzzah...make more comics! ya bum! And draw the "right" hands this time :P!
slycherrychunks Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006
No, I should've made a better estimate on the length of her stumpy legs. -And it's your turn to make comics.
AngriestAngryArtist Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
legs...feet....same stuff they both go together :P!

Ur right, Nano comic and then LOTSB comic awesomeness that it takes 2 days to make the special effects cuz my comp can't take all the data D:!
Saiyan-puff Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
Aww, I never thought I'd see Mandy looking this sweet. That's an adorable drawing, Tony. That's a side of Mandy I thought I'd never see.
gamefanPPG Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006  Hobbyist true.....

nice picture :D
AO968 Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2006
I couldn't agree more, fanart should be done the way it should be: in the orignal version and without any OOC stuff happening in the pic.

In any case, this is a very cute picture (though I'd rather not say it too much in case she wakes up).
PsychicKid Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
Too cute! D:
delete-lover Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2006
Aww, she looks so adorable when she's asleep...but wake her up, and all Hell will break loose.

Great job on this, especially the colored pencil work. We need to see more fanart of just the characters, not anime style, not another style, but just the characters as they are. That's one of the main points of fanart.
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