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Duplicate to another Image...

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GIMP 2.8 Python Plugin.
This plugin allows you to duplicate layer, layer with mask, or layer group from one image to another.
I hope this plugin will be useful for someone else.

Installation Instructions:
1. Extract "" from .zip archive to the ".../.gimp-2.x/plug-ins/" directory.
2. Make sure that the extracted file is executable.
3. If you are already running GIMP, close and reopen it.

This plugin requires Python!
If you have the "Filters > Python-Fu > Console" menu item you are all set. If not, install Python support for GIMP.

Version History:
v1.1 (19.04.2013)
- Added "From the top" and "From the bottom" options in "Keep Level" menu.
- Some code improvements.
v1.0 (01.12.2012)
- Initial release.

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The latest versions of the plugins
you also can download from:

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Thank you so much!, confirm that also works on GIMP 2.10.32 Windows 11