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Not tellin'~
United States
Well, let's see where to start...avid cosplayer in any sense of the term, general fun guy to be around...but can be slightly timid at times? =X

Also, can be snarky. You have been warned... >_>;

Current Residence: Around. That's all you get.
Favourite genre of music: Does Video Game Music count? O_o
Personal Quote: Wark!
So here's the thing: I've been a fan of the Ratchet & Clank series ever since Up Your Arsenal came out.  Went back and played the previous games, as well as played some of the RC: Future series.  I have to say I <3 the entire series.

For those of you who don't know, here's the general lowdown: Ratchet, a fuzzy cat-like creature called a Lombax, and Clank, a robot about the size of a lunch box with a very catchy laugh, go around planet to planet doing good, helping citizens, and stopping the big bad's evil mastermind plot with what can only be described as the world's largest wrench.

And guns.  Lots of guns.  Lots of very *large* guns.

In every game he slowly gains access to gadgets that either help him traverse across the varying landscapes (be they vast jungles or busling metropolicies) or unlock certain doors by activating a specific mini-game, all of which can be difficult, but fun.

And a new slew of large guns, have I mentioned that yet?

And even in most games, there are sure to be space fights, where our heroic duo engages in whatever space force to be had, be they thugs for hire, pirates seeking booty, or robotic lifeforms designed to eliminate all non-robotic life in existance.

Take note that if he had access to aformentioned large guns, taking them out would be *miles* easier.

At this point, you might be thinking to yourself "Why in the world is this guy taking about large guns?"  Well, it's because there's a *lot* of large guns, in every single game...and they're mainly what draws my attention to this series.  From what I have seen, The R&C series has, by far, some of the most ingenious and destructive weapons I have ever seen in a series.  This weapon line goes from the standard (typical pistol, grenade-throwing glove, rocket launcher), to the tactical (auto-controlled mini-turrets, laser-equipped defender robots, full-body shields), to the wacky (a transmorpher ray weapon that changes your foes to chickens...or ducks...or sheep...or monkeys, a black-hole generator, and even a fan-created weapon that fires a circular saw at an enemy...and the saw comes back like a boomerang), to the downright awesome-to-use (the Groovitron.  Seriously, look it up, you'll find out how awesome it is).

As you go deeper into each game, you start getting more and better weapons...but that doesn't mean that each previous weapon doesn't have its uses.  From Going Commando onward, Insomniac Games started a weapon level system where the more you used each weapon, the more damage it would do.  To top it all off, once the weapon got to the highest level, it added on an additional modification, giving it a secondary usage in most cases.  For instance, your normal pistol may just hit enemies and dissipate, but once you get it to its highest level, each shot could bounce off of walls and enemies, thereby allowing you to conserve ammo with it.

However, you can't talk about big guns without talking about the daddy of 'em all; the RYNO line.  RYNO is actually a sort of acronym, short for "Rip Ya a New One", and each gun of the series doesn't fail to do so.  The typical premise is simple: large ammo count, high damage per shot, and a wide spread.  This weapon line is designed for trigger-happy players, as all you need to do is just hold down the trigger to let loose a rain of bullets, lasers, or rockets.  Hell, the latest version, the RYNO V, actually plays a snippet of the 1812 Overture if you hold down the trigger long enough.  And with the bullets flying everywhere in front of you, that snippet earns its place.

So while the puzzle elements and minor platforming are certainly appealing, I'm in it for the guns.  And ladies and gentlemen, I am most certainly in heaven right now. =D
  • Playing: Ratchet &amp; Clank Future: A Crack in Time
  • Eating: Cup Noodles ramen~
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew =D


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i have seen some of yoru 11th Doctor cosplay, and you sir are cool! like bowties!
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Bowties are indeed cool. ^^
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