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Gossamer Explorer Task 1 Part 1




Part 2


Prince and Havenleigh from Wax n Wane - XxBloodsbanexX

Cinder and Blazer from EverBlaze - cyndaquilandfennekin

I chose WnW because I've been wanting to draw those cuties for a while~. And EB was a random Atlus team I stumbled upon (and it has two of my fave 'mons so yeah). (´∀`)

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Hey, sorry for taking so long to get to this. I'm afraid that since the requirement for this task is to "locate the entrance to the new dungeon path," you'll need to depict that in your submission if you want the rewards. You can add anything drawn to do that, as simple or complex as you like, as long as it shows finding the entrance. Once you do that, delete and resubmit your Atlas entry (but DON'T remove this from the DA group!) and you're golden. You've got a week from now to make changes. Sorry for the trouble, and good luck!

And also damn those guys are cute.