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Artemis and Shiloh awoke to find themselves at the edge of Andalusst, near the fog, not long after the events of M1. Both only had vague memories of knowing each other, but nothing else about their own lives.
Artemis was severely wounded and bleeding, but despite the shock of the situation, Shiloh was able to drag/carry her to a nearby cottage. The couple who lived there was able to help Artemis, and offer both of them a temporary home until she healed.
They left the cottage and couple as soon as they could, but with little memory and little money they didn't have many options.
Hoping the work would help spur their memories, Artemis convinced a hesitant Shiloh to form a team with her and join the Explorers' Guild. They currently dorm there.

Artemis - Meowstic
Gender: female
Age: 22
Height: 2'04"
Nature: Serious
Trait: Thoroughly cunning
Ability: Infiltrator
Moveset: Psychic (weak), Double Team, Dig, Power Up Punch

Because of the damage to her psychic organs, Artemis can't use her psychic powers--or any special attack move--without causing herself an extreme amount of pain. Even without the pain, her powers have been severely damaged. Despite the setback, she was quick to relearn a few moves and adopt a new fighting style.
The damage to her organs is extensive and has yet to fully heal.
She's serious most all the time and rarely smiles. She has a strong desire to recover her memory and return home.
Artemis enjoys her alone time and at night will wander around the city after Shiloh falls asleep.

Shiloh - Fennekin
Gender: female
Age: 18
Height: 1'00"
Nature: Timid
Trait: Quick to flee
Ability: Blaze
Moveset: Psybeam, Fire Spin, Substitute, Light Screen

Shiloh is very shy and socially anxious. Artemis is convinced something happened in the fog to make her that way, but neither have enough memories to know if it's true. Because of this, she clings to Artemis even when it's only the two of them. Shiloh remembers next to nothing about her partner, but still finds herself blindly trusting her.
Despite knowing how to use somewhat advanced attacks, she's not very strong. 
Although she wants to return home as well, the desire isn't as strong as it is for Artemis.
When she's not busy, she reads academic books; usually history or geography.


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Artemis like the godess of hunting?