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Here's a smooth/dark classy wall for your desktops :heart:


:bulletred: 16:9 upto 2560x1440
:bulletred: 16:10 upto 2560x1600

minimal #18

:bulletblue: Photoshop Cs6 :peace:

Truly sorry if I haven't made handheld resolutions yet, I'll try some other time. :)
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Already on my desktop. Super good one!
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Love this color!
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Do you mind If I can use this for a wallpaper of SM PKMN starters?

I'll credit you and inform you when it's done.
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Finished the wallpaper, you can now check here
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Ubuntu's Inspiration. Meow :3 
I can use it in my site ( with site font) for an address book on the best backgrounds of the week?
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Perfect for my logon screen.
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*cry* *Ocean of cries* 
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Hello! I like it a lot too.
I'm curious and I wonder how do you do your blured colours effects... ?
I would be great if you could show me just one little psd (in private) :)

Thanks! and good job!
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It's nice but the banding makes it look bad especially at the bottom right, just a tip, when making walls with a lot of color shifting use 16 bits and add a noise layer to reduce the banding and save as.png. Making walls like this don't need specific sizes for desktops cause there isn't any lines or ellipses that need detail just have one large 16:9 and one large 16:10 and they will scale down accordingly. I sent you a note of the wall with these fixes so you can see the difference.
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You're very welcome, keep up the good work!! :nod:
Nice work. Great choice of colors and also the transitions are exceptional
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