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Great linework by Sam-m, first off...He (or she) drew Zangief in a very strong and powerful light...Very cool and scary Zangief...As for your coloring, it's more than alright or good...It's AWESOME!!!...Love how you and Sam-m both work together to create artwork as good as this...Thank you, both of you, for this...
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Very great colab
that's cool, i like zangief a whole lot even tho he was the worst fighter.
slur's avatar
yeah hes not that bad ( damn i need new art work )
scales's avatar
Excellent colours!The powerful browns stay true to Zangief's colour scheme and character.Nicely done!
ravennoir's avatar
:XD: I remember this dufus... I used to beat him in the old Street Fighter II game. My cousin Christine said she never lost to anyone with him... I kicked this Russians ass with HONDA of all people. :XD: I loved that day!
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nice. I always did think Zangief looked like a monkey man...damn was he frigging powerful though
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I like the colouring best ^^;. I love digi airbrushings!
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