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BEYBLADE - Peafowl

This is JACK >D
Member of the American team; Starbreaker


He's awesome!! HAHAHA!

He has an interesting color scheme
He has a pretty Beyblade, Killer Peafowl UW145EWD
He's an artiste~
He creates ART--- and they're BEAUTIFUL
He's beautifully eccentric
He's glamorous in the least gay way
He's an amazing blader
You can really say "beautiful" XDDD HAHAHA

Watch him here
No subs, srrrrryyyy XD

(cuz my tablet doesn't wanna cooperate with me XDD)

Jack from Beyblade; Metal Masters
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CoolCarnage's avatar
Awesome work, Do you plan on drawing Damian and Reiji too?
SlumberPoppy's avatar
thanks xD no i dont, sorry :(
SayoriTategami's avatar
Awesome... Simply awesome *_______*
SilverFae16's avatar
I love it! You're so good!
xMewMewAkikox's avatar
Ow. My. God.

That's amazing!

I so gonna add this to my faves!
(Sorry for my bad english ... I'm half-japanese o.o)
Levy2001's avatar
Amazing :D I love Jack, and Damian too.
Shadriaxoxo's avatar
WOW!!!! This is amazing!!! Great job!!
inioli's avatar
It's AMAZING. I love this :0 And I love Jack xD
RoseColouredRuin's avatar
This is simply BEAUTIFUL!
An absolute masterpiece - it's intense, dramatic and powerful, perfectly capturing the essence of Befall and its beholder!
I love the vivid colours, the detail in the peacock feathers, the feathers sweeping behind, like a cape... It has a majestc feel to it!
All in all, this piece comes together perfectly - you possess remarkable talent as an artist!

I'm hoping to see more works like this from you, you know ;D
Yaraffinity's avatar
Is there any art style you cannot draw, and any art tool you cannot use to perfection? :noes:

You sure you're from this planet?

Anyways, a very very gorgeous drawing, nice of composture, amaaazing pose, perfect use of details~~
And just those colours... GOD. Wonderful <3
SlumberPoppy's avatar
This planet? Who knows. I might be the real Olivier IRL behind this computer... hiding my identity behind a girl named Poppy LOLZ kidding xD

I enjoy doing a lot of things and trying things out xD
And i always make sure I do my best in everything I do HAHA!
Yaraffinity's avatar
Oliver wouldn't be able to be on dA without constantly going :iconlegaspplz: on everything ._.
Starbroken-Sweetie's avatar
This is amazing! I love him so freaking much ^_^
KITTENpipper's avatar
Actually, his blade is called Evil/Killer Befall

But this.. Is gorgeous! I love Jack <3
SlumberPoppy's avatar
kid, it's "Peafowl" in japanese xD

It was changed to Befall in english :>
KITTENpipper's avatar
Ooh I seee
I don't speak Japanese, my bad ;A;
SlumberPoppy's avatar
it's alrighty xD

At least now you know *w*/
ryugajustlostit's avatar
let's just say everyone on this site is like jack both beautiful and artistic
MadaraLuver's avatar
This is amazing!
DaKrazyPineapple's avatar
jack is like me,a blader and an artist
Genuine-Smile's avatar
Saw this in my inbox and first thing I said was "Oh fuck..." because this is magnificent!!!
MissSherryLeblanc's avatar
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