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Published: January 2, 2010
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(To better view the characters xD)


*Artist's Comments Found in the BEYFANTASY Text in*

*EDIT PLEASE READ* [June 06, 2012]
-Changed some character profiles and stats

Why? Why???

Let's cast the famous word for it...



I know that your eyes will try to shrink in order to see the details and their faces etc
And comments will be "It would have been nicer if you uploaded a bigger pic for you to see bla blah"

And that's why I brought new year gifts for everyone, WALLPAPERS!!!
Click on download up there to get the RAR file
It's only available in 1024x768 though

Takao the samurai
Weapon: Katana
Range: 1
Displacement: Medium
Base Hit Rate: 3
:bulletblack:Atk *****
:bulletblack:Mgc *
:bulletblack:Def ***
:bulletblack:Spd **
[ATK+]-Increases attack power
[HP+]-Increases max HP
:bulletblack: Tornado (Attacks the enemy with a spinning motion)
:bulletblack: Momentum (Charges toward the enemy and attacks)
:bulletblack: Storm Attack (Strikes the enemy and creates a single gust of wind that damages the enemy)
:bulletblack: Phantom Hurricane (Thrusts the enemy with a wind attack and slices up)
:bulletblack: Galaxy Storm (Summons a tornado within area of effect and damages all enemies within range, pushing them back)
:bulletblack: Seiryuu (Calls upon the power of the Dragoon upon his sword. A Combo attack is then done to the enemy)

"An energetic boy chosen as the warrior of the Seiryuu clan, Takao seeks to master the Secret Arts of his family. With his grandfather as his sensei, he trains at the dojo almost everyday... or at least whenever he feels like it. Takao would always try to sneak out of training to meet up with his friends. Little did he know that he is the descendant of the greatest samurai in the land. Will he ever focus on discovering his true power? Or will he value what he has as of the moment and protect his friends instead?"

Kai the ninja
Weapon: Scrolls
Range: 2
Displacement: Fast
Base Hit Rate: 2
:bulletblack:Atk ****
:bulletblack:Mgc ***
:bulletblack:Def *
:bulletblack:Spd ****
[DODGE+]-Increases chance of dodging enemy attacks
[MATK+]-Increases Damage done by magic attacks
:bulletblack: Ninpou (Allows Kai to make use of scrolls that deal magical damage)
:bulletblack: Fire Arrow (Attacks the enemy with a kunai thrown from the scroll)
:bulletblack: Flame Saber (Thrusts the Enemy with the fire scroll. Pierces through defense.)
:bulletblack: Blazing Tempest (Summons Phoenix feathers from scroll to attack enemies within range. Chance to stun enemies.)
:bulletblack: Blazing Gig (Summons a Fuuma shuriken from scroll and attacks enemies within a straight range. Deals fire elemental damage)
:bulletblack: Suzaku (Attacks all enemies with the fire element and brings all fallen allies to life)

"Kai is the grandson of the Suzaku clan's leader, and he is the only heir remaining. Ever since his clan's loss with the Seiryuu family, Kai decided he would one day defeat the enemy's heir and bring honour to his family name. Cold and mysterious, Kai doesn't really reveal his identity to anyone and little is known about his past. He lost part of his memories after receiving the power of the Suzaku as a kid. He is on a mission to look for the Scroll of the Black Phoenix, a powerful weapon which was once possessed by his grandfather but was sealed by the enemy clan. The greatest question will remain; is Kai a friend or a foe?"

Lei the monk
Weapon: Fists
Range: 1
Displacement: Fast
Base Hit Rate: 3
:bulletblack:Atk ***
:bulletblack:Mgc **
:bulletblack:Def **
:bulletblack:Spd ****
[COMBO+]-Increases chance of hitting combos with thrice the damage
[ASPD+]-Increases attack speed
:bulletblack: Tiger Claw (Scratches the enemy with 4x damage. Renders Lei immobile for 1.5 secs)
:bulletblack: Vulcan Claw (Punches the enemy with palms and pushes the enemy back)
:bulletblack: Gatling Claw (Attacks the enemy with a flurry of punches)
:bulletblack: Concentration (Temporarily increases attack damage by 10%)
:bulletblack: Chakra (Temporarily increases attack damage and magical damage of an ally by 10%)
:bulletblack: Jade Tiger (Temporarily increases Defense of all allies by 40%)

"Living in the small village of the White Tiger clan, Lei is hailed as the strongest fighter of the land. He was immediately chosen by the Byakko to receive its power at a young age even though he wasn't of royal blood. After this, his curiosity was piqued when he read more about the different clans outside the village. Lei sets out on an adventure to discover the other mythical beasts wielded by the different clans. This, however, gave him an impression of being a "traitor" by his clan and the Royal White Tiger family. Notorious in his home clan, will Lei forever be in hiding and continue his journey, or will he once again seek the place he once called home?"

Max the cleric
Weapon: Staff
Range: 1
Displacement: Slow
Base Hit Rate: 2
:bulletblack:Atk **
:bulletblack:Mgc ****
:bulletblack:Def *****
:bulletblack:Spd *
[DEF+]-Increases Defense
[MP REGEN+]-Enables regeneration of MP
:bulletblack: Heal (Heals a single ally's HP)
:bulletblack: Life (Brings a fallen ally back to life with 1/4 HP)
:bulletblack: Recover (Recovers the abnormal status of an ally)
:bulletblack: Bubble (Creates a bubble around an ally that shields all physical attacks for 10 secs. Will be destroyed by Magic, Earth and/or Wind skills)
:bulletblack: Gravity Control (Heals all allies within range and deals water damage to the enemy.)
:bulletblack: Heavy Viper Wall (Sucks all enemies within the vortex and deals water damage to all enemies within the center. Creates an absolute defense around the area for 20 secs)

"The cheerful and friendly son of the Fairy queen and an Enchanted gem refiner wields the power of the Genbu When the previous Queen passed away, she promised the protection of the great waters to her grandson. In the near future, Max will be given the responsibility to defend his land from invaders and attackers who wish to discover the Aqua magic and the technology that generates the energy from water. When the Fairy queen hesitantly allows Max to travel with his father to another land, he meets a samurai from the Seiryuu clan and befriends him. However, Max is not aware about the conflict between clans. Is he risking the security of his life and of his kingdom?"
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Cu-Sith1|Hobbyist Writer
This is really cool, and i love the descriptions that you added to each of them.
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Is this going to be a real manga? I REALLY WANT TO READ IT!!!!!!
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that looks awesome
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nice. I love the outfits you designed for them. and their rolls are perfect XD. just way too awesome!
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Skyye-of-Ember's avatar
Skyye-of-Ember|Hobbyist General Artist
So brilliantly awesome!You should make an RPG game out of them..XD
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SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppy|Student General Artist
i wish I coulddd!!! heuehue~
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Onimous-inukisan's avatar
Han, Kai's so perfect! *nosebleed*
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lordturtlemonk's avatar
lordturtlemonk|Hobbyist General Artist
Very cool, though different from how I would see a Genbu-type dude.
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SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppy|Student General Artist
Don't worry, his outfit gets darker as the series goes LOL /black tortoise
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lordturtlemonk's avatar
lordturtlemonk|Hobbyist General Artist
I went with armor and shields. The color is fine lol.
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SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppy|Student General Artist
Ah, he'll get that later actually xD

(oh shoot, spoilerdesign)
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hikari-yuma--still's avatar
i havw to say, rei and takao look the coolest...=)
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ArtisticAnri's avatar
ArtisticAnri|Student General Artist
Its like Avatar and Beyblade mixed together :XD: Love Tyson/Takao and Max the best :)
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AndrewGeorge1991|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love this^^ Kai rocks^^
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Etsuko-Hime's avatar
Etsuko-Hime|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
kai<3 and rey :)
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Carminadelic|Professional Filmographer
I never liked him. But now I do, because of you. :iconsobeautifulplz:
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SlumberPoppy|Student General Artist
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movielover100's avatar
is like fire earth air water like avatar the last airbender
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sahjanFTW|Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow. i love this concept. it's amazing, it fits the characters so well
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This is really cool! I love the clothing design and nice touch there with Ray's name. Heh, to be completely honest I was like "wat" And then I watched a Chinese episode and wow. You learn something everyday.
I was thinking about Kai's defense, shouldn't it be a tiny bit higher? I mean he is all about balance and well isn't it usually a half or something less than his other stats? *shrug*
Anyways this is cool.
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SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppy|Student General Artist
Kai's defense, if I'd raise it he will be a little OP XD
He already has DODGE sooo... his defense is cool already xD
It'd work if he didn't have DODGE
But the other characters have cool defense already soo yeah :D

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Ahhh I see! :D
Okie doe!
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Must say... This is incredibly pleasant to my eyes =)
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