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Published: January 3, 2013
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Part of BEYBLADE-BladebreakersWpap by SlumberPoppy
Wallpapers (Conception, 1stANNIV, 2ndANNIV, 3rdANNIV)
BEYBLADE-FantaRPGwptake2 by SlumberPoppyBEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY wpap by SlumberPoppyBEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY2 wpap by SlumberPoppyBEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY3 wpap by SlumberPoppyBEYBLADE ANNIVERSARY4 wpap by SlumberPoppy

Sooo yeah, I picked Hiromi xD

Anniversary Wallpaper for~
BEYBLADE Anime (Jan 8)
BEYBLADE Manga (2000-2013)

Totally fun how all the months coincide~ HAHA!

3nd anniversary of my Beyfantasy series~
Thank you so much for the continuing fave and support~ AAAND the cited features in other websites as well :D

I couldn't say thank you enough haha! All these comments and stuff, I still can't get used to them. So I just do my best to improve my drawing skills and work on the Beyfantasy :O
As tweeted, I am working on the Manga's PRELUDE/PROLOGUE until...!!! I lost ink on my pen HAHAHAH XD

And I will not get tired of thanking the following people~
Aoki Takao (for starting it all~ writing the Beyblade manga)
Coro Coro Comic and VizMedia (for publishing the Beyblade manga~)

Shoji Mizuno and Yoshihiro Nagamori (for the lovely anime character designs)

Toshifumi Kawase (for directing Bakuten Shoot Beyblade~ Nice variation from the manga actually~)
Yoshio Takeuchi (for directing Beyblade 2002)
Mitsuo Hashimoto (for directing Beyblade G Revolution)

Madhouse Animation(for Bakuten Shoot Beyblade's animation~ And the headless girlfriend of Giancarlo in one episode~)
Nihon Animedia (for the next two season's animation~ Good job with the 3D Beyblades XD)

THE BEYBLADE CHARACTERS (They seem to be contained in the manga/anime, however these characters make a huge impact on our childhood and our character. Keeps us believing that we can be as awesome as they are, aaand keeps us believing in our friends because we see our friends in the characters and vice versa. They may not seem so real at first, but in truth there are people like them in real life. Either we have met them, have not noticed them, or will have to meet them someday in the future~)

But most of all, thank you to all the Beyblade fans who share their time to create awesome Beyblade memories together :"D

I didn't work on this on separate days because of my busy sched, so I actually worked on this for 10 hours straight until now as of this typing >w< It's 6am~ :O Don't worry I ate LOL XD yea yea... Hiromi doesn't have her prints on, Kyouju doesn't have his backpack and Lei has a neater cut on his shirt, whateva xD
(eep! gotta deal with my inbox and put up a journal before school starts xD)

Thanks for the continuing support!

Beyblade © Aoki Takao
Beyfantasy © SlumberPoppy
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MLPquang20-c's avatar
MLPquang20-cStudent General Artist
Just fantastic, a beautiful Final Fantasy spin on the old guard and Hillary from the original Beyblade anime.
sakuralioness's avatar
sakuralionessStudent Artisan Crafter
Omg this is so good , give me a great idea for a fanfic 
tsunade19's avatar
I always wondered what was this project of BeyFantasy, is it a doujinshi, a fic?? I always waited for some fic but never knew where could I read it if there is one c:
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist
The Beyfantasy project first started out as a concept- with artworks and profiles being released

But fast forward and a doujinshi is in the works and the story is being planned as of the moment :)
tsunade19's avatar
Thank you so much for answering my doubts c: so pretty much you started the idea and let other people to submit their art based in this concept, that is really awesome!!! c:

So another question :p are you the only one who is working in the story or are you also getting some help from others dA? I hope I can see soon both :DDDDD I really like your art and the concept you gave to beyfantasy!!! <3
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist
nut-a-prob! feel free to ask anything xD (I also have a Q+A in my next journal as you can read in the third part of my current blog…

 so you can shoot me any question under the sun (and moon) and i will answer it in my next entry that everyone can see xD

And yeah, I just randomly started the idea and suddenly people liked it and made fanworks (never ceases to amaze me actually XD I can't thank the fandom enough! They make so much exciting works!!)
I am the only one working on the story :) And thanks! It's people like you that fuel my motivation to keep working on it >u<9
tsunade19's avatar
Thank you for answering me!!!! and no problem I'm actually about to hit you with one question in your entry xD hahaha I bet it had to be really amazing for you when you saw the good response you got to your idea!!! It is really cool and original, and mysterious or at least I like to think like that :p

Awww Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-05 (Kawaii Stare) [V1]  and thank you so much for saying that!!! Well you know you got a lot of people who really admire and love your work (of course I am in that group :P) and well that is a good motivation for you to keep doing what you love!

Just another question, I just enter your entry of Q&A and I saw all the drawings referring to BeyFantasy, and my question is: Are you also planning to develop BeyFantasy as a videogame or pcgame? :p
animefan1992's avatar
animefan1992Hobbyist Filmographer
love this art
Seiryu-San111's avatar
Seiryu-San111Hobbyist Filmographer
I absolutely adore your work *^* :tighthug:
marzie-x's avatar
marzie-xStudent Artist
sCREAMS at how much you've improved since I've last actually been on here omfg stop it I'm supposed to be the one in college (no but don't actually stop)
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist


Aleksy's avatar
AleksyProfessional General Artist
I love this style!!
darkartsfart's avatar
Speaking of memories of Beyblading, there's this one crossover fic I highly recommend where the two Beyblade anime cross over and face off. I can tell you more if you want.
Ladyfiction's avatar
LadyfictionHobbyist Writer
That is amazing. Kudos.

Actually kinda makes me feel like writing.

Max is super cute!
Poki-art's avatar
Poki-artProfessional Digital Artist
ahaha, i love you Poppy~:heart: for keeping the beyblade love!
0nSilverWingsX's avatar
Congrats on the 3rd Anniversary of Beyfantasy!
Yoko-tan's avatar
Yoko-tanStudent Traditional Artist
Awwww how pretty, I love the peaceful, reminiscent feel of this piece (which I guess is the point) :iconsweatplz:

Anyway, I love everyone's overall poses and expressions, especially Kyouju and Hiromi's (and is it just me or does the former seem to be staring intently at the latter with a melancholy expression on his face?), the coloring is amazing as always and I really must congratulate you on your awesome tree, I love the way you twisted the colors to make it look sort of old and gnarled :iconsmilieplz:

"And the headless girlfriend of Giancarlo in one episode"

. . .wait, what?! XDD *feels like she's missing some big, important part of that conversation* XDD

Oh and BTW, are any OC's gonna appear in your manga (even just a cameo/as background characters) or just the canon characters? :iconcutiesmileplz:
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist
Thanks for the wonderful comment uguuu *u*///

Headless by SlumberPoppy  

"Oh and BTW, are any OC's gonna appear in your manga (even just a cameo/as background characters) or just the canon characters? "

Of course OCs will appear as cameos in the manga 8Dd
Yoko-tan's avatar
Yoko-tanStudent Traditional Artist
Kyaha you're very welcome~~ :iconba-kyunplz:

LOLOLOLOLOL *accidentally snorts up the milk she was drinking* oh my god that is way too fucking funny, I think i might've permanently damaged something, though XDDDDDD

Awesome~ That's the kind of news I want to hear!! :iconsuperw00tplz:
SlumberPoppy's avatar
SlumberPoppyStudent General Artist
it happened for a second in the anime so it was not very noticeable xD
Yoko-tan's avatar
Yoko-tanStudent Traditional Artist
well no, but's that's what makes it funnier when you do manage to catch it XDD
KearaLemon's avatar
KearaLemonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kenny almost looks upset about something.
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