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By slumberdoll
Photographer: (me) Tricia Gosingtian *slumberdoll
Model: Alodia Gosiengfiao *blackmage9
Awesome make-up and styling by Alodia
Editing by Tricia and Alodia
Location: *Crissey's pretty house

* * *
Canon EOS 350D. Sigma 28-300mm. Speedlite 430EX. Adobe Photoshop CS2. (Don't ask me again, heehee)
(c) :iconslumberdoll: :iconblackmage9:
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My name is Juliana Maz I'm a colombian visual artist, I'm working on a new proyect and I was wondering if you could give me your permission to base one of my portraits on this photo, off course giving you the credit. I really like your work, so I'll be waiting for your positive answer. :D
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Hello, it's okay as long as you don't make any profit out of it.
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Sure, thanks a lot!
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Siren, I am drowning! Oh, what a fate to wish that it be so, drowning in you!
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She has asian facial features, so I'm hard put to believe the ye colr and hair is natural. However, regardless she looks gorgeous
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Absolutely fantastic shot and costume and pose
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Beutiful shot!
It looks like her eyes r painted on =D
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may I forget to tell she is one of the ten most beautiful girl over in the world ?
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How do you get such dark, saturated colors? You don't have to go into a lot of detail, but I love your post-production work on your images - they are vibrant without looking 'fake'. This is my favorite - I love the depth of color - give me a hint how to do it - I have CS2 as well.
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I set my camera's white balance to "Shady" instead of the usual "AWB (Auto White Balance)". That way, my photos won't look pale and the colors would look warmer than they really are. I'm a fan of warm skin tones.

The colors are mostly just heightened via Hue/Saturation, Selective Color or whatnot, from what I can remember (this is an old picture from last September). The technique lies in the photo itself, not the editing. :)
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Just perfecT!

Love, love, love, love it :)
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gorgeous picture

love the eyes
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So pretttyyyy <333
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i lovely !!! ;)
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Love the make up!!
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OMG, great job!
swedzi-mnie-kolano's avatar
i love the colors!!! <3
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arcadia-the-lich's avatar
how beautiful.i love the eyes in this picture
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