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DEATH SMASH! Select Screen 2 by sluglo DEATH SMASH! Select Screen 2 :iconsluglo:sluglo 2 3 Death Smash! by sluglo Death Smash! :iconsluglo:sluglo 3 0
Riot HQ
"Alright, U.R.F. is ready to go!" Morello excitedly rushed into the council room with important looking documents. "Check this out, guys!"
Morello handed the papers to all the staff members in the room. Phreak stared at the papers in confusion, wondering if the changes he made were even safe.
"C'mon man, 60 seconds cooldown on revive passives? Why not 40?"
"Great idea, Phreak!"
CertainlyT ecstatically read the documents, but he had a few criticisms too.
"Hey man, you're forgetting about Darius! You should remove the cooldown on his ultimate after he kills someone with it, like in the old days!"
"How did I never think of these? Thanks guys!"
Finally, there was Ryze's word.
"Do you accept this, Ryze?"
The co-owner of Riot scratched the back of his head.....and grinned.
"Hell yeah I accept this!"
Just then, Morello saw a figure coming through the the Riot HQ!
Morello coughed up some dust and grabbed his leg in pain. He saw a spiky hair
:iconsluglo:sluglo 3 11
One Minute Melee! Ragna VS Shadow


Lethal Highway, Westopolis
Thick fog covered the majority of Westopolis, thanks to the invasion of the Black Arms. The city was in shambles as eldritch monsters tore it apart, killing every person standing in their way.
On one particular highway, a lone black motorcycle strode on. Its rider was none other than the experimental cure, bearing possibly one of the edgiest combination of looks, history, and weaponry: Shadow the Hedgehog.
He eyed his surroundings. No aliens in sight, but there was plenty of wreckage. Torn police cars, small fires, and even a few corpses hanging around. The mutated hedgehog replied with a simple 'tch' and continued riding...
That is, until he heard a heavy thud.
A gigantic, hulking brute of a Black Arms member landed right in front of Shadow.....with a hole in his stomach. Glancing back to the road, he noticed a hum
:iconsluglo:sluglo 12 22
Yukiko Amagi VS Elsa: The Prelude
Cecil: The power of the elements come in the hands of all sorts of people, from average men to paragons, from lowly thieves to selfish maniacs.
Fel: And in this case, we have 2 royals (well, 1 is and the other's got everything but the authority) that happen to be young women who have suppressed their fears and accepted their true self. Plus, their powers and cultures are often on the other ends of the spectrum, so there's a neat twist too!
Zornac: Wait a minute...Isn't Azula VS Elsa a thing? I feel like this has been done before.
Fel: Nah, this is totally different! Azula has lightning and martial arts to go along with fire, Yukiko has healing abilities and an extra helper instead.
Zornac: Point taken. Well, Queen Elsa, the cool Disney Princess!
Cecil: And Yukiko, the Unconquerable Snow Black!
Zornac: I'd prefer....fangirl.
Cecil: I am going to smack you through the door.
Zornac: AHH! IMSORRY! *runs off*
Cecil:....I thought so.
Emma: I'm Emma, t
:iconsluglo:sluglo 9 15
Napalm Man VS Sektor: DEATH BATTLE!!!
Zornac: This will be a blas-
The Soldier: FUCK YOUR PUNS!
Wily's Secret Weapons Factory, Vietnam
A light breeze traveled across the Vietnamese jungle, shaking the tall palm trees and comforting the wildlife. Tigers roared, birds crossed the skies, and a robot shot a missile a-
Wait, WHAT?!
That's right. A humanoid, six foot tall robot covered in red armor seemed to be causing trouble. His eyes didn't seem very human either, a light shade of blue as their color. He even had, oddly enough, dreadlocks. This was the Lin Kuei assassin Sektor.
Wasting no time, the cyborg rushed on. He has received word from the newly-enhanced Lin Kuei that a stash of weapons were hidden in the depths of a Vietnamese jungle, deep underground. Sektor wasn't planning to give said weapons to
:iconsluglo:sluglo 17 35
Mega's Redemption by sluglo Mega's Redemption :iconsluglo:sluglo 4 12 ahxBrL by sluglo ahxBrL :iconsluglo:sluglo 0 3
Freddy Krueger VS Pyramid Head: The Prelude

Master of the Boot: Who doesn't like a good spook? As a horror enthusiast, I sure do.
Fylax: Sometimes, it's more than just a spook. Entire worlds have been created with horror stories, but easily the scariest are those who exploit your fears.
Paragon: Freddy Krueger, the Springwood Slasher!
Zornac: And Pyramid Head, the stalker of Silent Hill!
Emma: I'm Emma, that's Zornac, and joining us today are Master of the Boot, Paragon, and Fylax to see who will win....a Death Battle.
They call it the Red Pyramid. The Bogeyman. In Japanese it's called Sankaku Atama. But most likely you know the beast by the name . . . Pyramid Head. 
In Silent Hill, where shadows cover the land and your greatest crimes take flesh and try to
:iconsluglo:sluglo 12 37
Crossed Over: Re-Editioned! Popeye
I decided to change up Crossed Over. It will no longer be a Smash Bros style game, but rather, much like :iconIlikemsao:'s Heroes' Union, a little MOBA style project featuring all kinds of fictional characters. It is still a :iconDimension-Dino: dedication, but simply reskinned. I'm still debating the roster of the game, but let's start with Popeye yet again.
Voiced by: Billy West

Bio (shortened): 
Popeye was abandoned at a young age, leading to him becoming a sailor eventually. He goes on all sorts of crazy adventures, all while eating his greens to stay strong.
Class: Support and Tank
Alternate Costumes:
Cap'n Popeye (Pirate)
Bluto (Looks like Bluto)
Gangsta Popeye (Old 60's fedora, pipe, and trench coat)
Normal attack: Popeye simply punches the enemy champion.
Passive: Metabolism. Popeye's healthy diet has lead to him regenerating his HP much faster than any other champion, x1.5 the norm, in fact. Also, ea
:iconsluglo:sluglo 1 5
Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3: Review
We’ve seen a lot of crossover games over the years, but none with as mixed as a reception as this one. Developed by the milkmen of the video game industry, Capcom, it’s gotten a lot of gamers hooked on, being a sequel to a successful game from last gen AND having famous Marvel superheroes and Capcom’s greatest fighters in one game. Not the dream matchup we all wanted, but hey, we have Wolverine and Ryu having gravity-defying fistfights, Iron Man and Mega Man-
Uh, sir? Mega Man isn’t in the game.
…You’re kidding, right? The very FOUNDER, the character that started Capcom’s rise to fame isn’t here?
Don’t worry, we have Zero and Tron Bonne!
What’s a Tron Bonne? Oh, you mean that girl in the mech? SHE deserves more recognition than the guy who basically went up there with Mario,
:iconsluglo:sluglo 0 26
Death Battle Host Royale: Meet Emma
"I know I'm not the smartest gal of the bunch, K? I know I'm not even the most original with the style here..." Emma rubbed her chin, squinting her eyes at the camera.
Thick, black tentacles consume Gamer as the camera zooms away to see a lone figure walking in his direction.
"But while those bitches use Cuthulu's power and fast food and whatever..." Emma turns away from the camera, reaching to something from her right side.
The figure turns out to be Emma with a brown minigun, which she unloads at The Lady, freeing Gamer from the tendrils.
"Not it, though! Apparently super original writer here decided to give me superpowers because WHY THE FUCK NOT?!" Emma yelled with a dazed look in her eyes.
The Lady teleports away, barely alive, as Emma chases her down.
Gamer: Look out!
A Bacontor Bomb is thrown in Emma's direction, knocking her back. Suddenly, her right arm violently twists and expands, until a gigantic, red and black hammer appears in the
:iconsluglo:sluglo 1 16
Napalm Man VS Sektor: The Prelude
Emma: In our arena, we already had robots-
Zornac: Cyborgs.
Emma:-cyborgs duke it out. But while Grievous and Fulgore focused on hand to hand combat and lightsabers, here we have EXPLOSIONS FUCKING EVERYWHERE!
The Soldier: Sweet, sweeeeet patriotic bombing....They are walking armories, and although really, they are just easy bad guys for the main hero to take out, they make up for it in spades with their badassery and received a bit of a cult following.
Emma: Napalm Man, the Robot Master with a bang to his buck!
Zornac: And Sektor, the Lin Kuei cyborg assassin.
The Soldier: I'm The Soldier, those are Zornac and Emma, and...we have no co-host?
Zornac: Saves time.
The Soldier: Figures. We are going to analyze these mechanical beasts to find out who would win...a Death Battle!!!
Napalm Man
First Appearance: Mega Man 5 (1992)
Height: Unknown
:iconsluglo:sluglo 10 60
Crossed Over!: EXTRA DETAILS
Dedicated to :icondimension-dino:

1. Popeye (Popeye) ( An all around fighter, with impressive speed and long reach.
2. Rufus (Street Fighter) ( A fighter relying on speedy attacks and rapid combos above all else.
3. Chief Thunder (Killer Instinct) ( A grapple-heavy warrior with long range grabs and strong throws.
4. Captain Commando (Captain Commando) ( A fighter with lots of burning and electrical attacks that focuses on dealing damage over time/in a rapid succession.
5. Boba Fett (Star Wars) (upcoming)
6. Rick Taylor (Splatterhouse) (upcoming)
7. The Kusagari (Red Steel) (upcoming)
8. Winter Soldier (Marvel) (upcoming)
9. General Grievous (Star Wars) (upcoming)
10. Ayane (Dead or Alive) (upcoming)
:iconsluglo:sluglo 0 8
Top 10 Death Battles I want to see!
Yeah, no explanation. DB Writer wants to throw in his 2 cents, what do you know.
10. Gandalf VS Dumbledore

Pretty self explanatory. The wizards of the most popular fantasy book series. The great leaders of the group. It all clicks to me in a second. It's only low because I never had a strong connection with either series.
9. Sub-Zero VS Mr. Freeze/Sub-Zero VS Glacius
Glacius VS Sub-Zero is probably way better. It's closer, much more hotly debated, and also has a cool (lol puns) KI VS MK twist to it. But as much as I love Killer Instinct, I'd rather see it a bit less now that two KI characters were used in a matter of 5 episodes. FIVE EPISODES! I think Sub Zero VS Mr. Freeze can be an ice replacement (BOOM CHAKALAKA) for it. It's magic VS technology, it's one of the few fair MK VS DC matchups, and honestly, there wasn't a single comic book fight in the season...yet. PLEASE.
8. Avatar Aang VS Captain Planet

A lot of people suggested it, and I feel it should ha
:iconsluglo:sluglo 0 40
How to handle mean-spirited online players.
Good day, watchers. Rookie DB Writer sluglo here with a special post. Think of this like a PSA of sorts.
Those of you who know me probably know my love for League of Legends (and online gaming in general). I've been playing for a year, but nowadays I only really play with my cousin, so the connection isn't quite as strong. But let me tell you a thing or two about my experiences with games like League of Legends, Smite, and Team Fortress 2. I completely support playing online. You get to meet some nice and skilled people, it's a much better way to test your skill than against A.I., and it keeps you hooked, trying to kill that one guy who's really good or completing achievements. However, every once in a while comes THAT kind of person. You know, the guy who keeps insulting your skill for dying a couple times? The one who blames you for his own reckless playstyle?
The dickheads. Or as the LoL community calls them, toxic players. These are the guys that use their hidden identities
:iconsluglo:sluglo 2 3


Orc Death Knight by arvalis Orc Death Knight :iconarvalis:arvalis 2,346 163 World of Warcraft - Worgen Warlock by sandara World of Warcraft - Worgen Warlock :iconsandara:sandara 4,162 248 Some...Thing(?) by NightmareSerum Some...Thing(?) :iconnightmareserum:NightmareSerum 5 1 Attack Grid by Laurelman Attack Grid :iconlaurelman:Laurelman 33 73 Commission: Laurelman 56 by DrCrafty Commission: Laurelman 56 :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 232 54 Freddy vs Pyramid Head by Carbonated-James Freddy vs Pyramid Head :iconcarbonated-james:Carbonated-James 3 60 Emperor Palpitoad by Zeurel Emperor Palpitoad :iconzeurel:Zeurel 658 175 #087 Roachach by Magistrum #087 Roachach :iconmagistrum:Magistrum 15 5
Cap. Commando vs. Megaman vs. Hiryu - Battle

-11:45 AM-
Captain Commando strummed his guitar, his cowboy hat covering his face. He heard rumors of a rogue warrior, a Shinobi. The man wanted to know if he was friend… or foe. If he was lucky, maybe he would help the Commando Squad.
 As he continued to strum, he heard a faint beeping sound and turned; facing what appeared to be a child in blue. The two noticed each other, their eyes scanning the other. Commando’s goggles picked up on the foe:
 For Megaman, it was the same.
 Right then, something took him over. Mega glanced to what appeared to be the castle across the way and saw a shadow vanish from the top. Commando noticed and quickly tossed his guitar and hat. His entire body shadowed out, allowing his
:iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 13 13
Editorial: LGBT in Media (Pro LGBT supporter here)
Well, with Legend of Korra now ended with THIS big thing in the ending, with the final scene being a potential romance between Korra and Asami, which...I am 100% going with. Honestly speaking, I would like to see more LGBT characters in family entertainment.
And no, I don't just mean it in the sexualized way. I am not THAT kind of person who would only be interested in that because 'Yuri and Yaoi are hot' or whatever. I am honestly iffy with Yaoi and Yuri couples when the characters themselves show no interest in a relationship in that regard.
(OK the last one is an iffy one...but foeyay is a big thing on the internet!)
THESE kind of couples that are just fan-made are kind of iffy with me. I can understand putting people together as ships and all that...but I tend to question; 'If people like to pair up two characters of the same gender, why not just have gay or Bi characters?'
And before anyone asks, I DO have my own prefered Yaoi or Yuri couples if...I can buy that the relationship t
:iconshadow-dj:Shadow-DJ 15 16
Christmas Joke Battle: The Hulk Vs The Grinch
-Death Battle Lounge-
(A homey little set-up with decorations on the walls, pictures of past fighters posing with past and current hosts line the walls as green wreaths line around them. Sitting in two easy chairs next to a soothing and lively fire are hosts Johnny Zealous, wearing a red and green vest with a festive dark red casual jacket and a cup of hot chocolate with a Starbucks logo on the cup. In the other chair is Lucas Zaboot, who is wearing a gross Christmas sweater that says “Happy Go F*ck Yourself” stitched in, a Santa hat and an entire carton of eggnog in his hand)
Johnny Zealous: “Greetings and salutations readers and passerbys. I’m Johnny Zealous, the Internet’s greatest salesman.”
Lucas Zaboot: “An’ I’m Lucas Zaboot, New Jersey’s own Green-Eyed Jersey Devil.”
Johnny Zealous: “Are you trying to make that your catchphrase?”
Lucas Zaboot: “Why? You wanna find out why I got th' name?”
:iconvolts48:Volts48 28 36
Sasuke v. Strider and Ragyo v. Kars sprite battle by hakuxtemari Sasuke v. Strider and Ragyo v. Kars sprite battle :iconhakuxtemari:hakuxtemari 6 2
Funny DB-Related Thought, Guys
... Do you think all of our fights, one way or the other, could be summed up in the following categories?
Sword Fight
Brawling Superpower Brouhaha (where fights are fought mostly by virtue of superpowers rather than weapons or martial arts)
--- --- ---
:icondimension-dino: went to the effort of creating these additional categories. If I may copy and paste...
Arsenal Mix-Up: combatants that rely on vast arsenals of weaponry or gadgets rather than just one (Kratos, Link, Batman, etc.)
Magical Duel: combatants that place lots of emphasis on magical abilities or items (Harry Potter, Natsu Dragneel, Dr. Strange, etc.)
Tooth and Nail: combatants that are beastly in combat, using sharp claws and fangs instead of fists (Killer Croc, Sabrewulf, Godzilla, etc.)
Elemental Showdown: Not necessarily magic, but the combatants weaponize one or more natural elements and make it their trademark (Aang, Human Torch, Sub-Zero, etc.)
Battle o
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 2 19
Death Battle: Harley Quinn vs. Vino

: The arguments have been considered and the combatants are set.
Bella: Time for this spooky fight between psychos to begin! Or, in other words...
Steel and Bella: IT'S TIME FOR A DEATH BATTLE! (begin chowing down on piles of candy)
Question: ...I work with children.

New York, 1930's...
The Joker cackled as he tossed an innocent bystander off a train, the rest of his gang behind him, holding the group hostage. How did they get into the 1930's? It's comic books. Weirder crap happens. I mean, did you see Flashpoint? The guy remade history by merging three different histories together.
:icontohokari-steel:Tohokari-Steel 28 33
My Original Mewtwo vs. Magneto Plan
As some of you know, one of my biggest fights planned for quite some time was Mewtwo vs. Magneto--a testament to my childhood loves, that was also going to be my most narrative-heavy battle of the lot. But then someone else posted a Prelude, I backed down and let them keep and... well...
The battle was disappointing, to say the least.
So, for you guys today, I am going to share with you what my ORIGINAL plan for the battle was...
By the time of the battle's start, Magneto would have gone off of his own, away from the X-Men. Cyclops had devolved into a vicious warmonger worse than him, having twisted Charles Xavier's dream into a nightmare, and Erik Lehnsherr - as a result - left the X-Men, now without a Brotherhood to return to neither... In despair, he finds himself eventually travelling to the Kanto Region to begin anew, only to hear rumours that there is a renegade Pokemon - supposedly created by science and forced to be a weapon - that lurks Cerulean Cave, hateful towards humans. S
:iconwildgun-edge:Wildgun-Edge 5 7
Hypothetical Games: The Faustian RPG
Before we begin, I'd like to thank :iconvioletuke93: and :iconmojaramask: for their help in fleshing out the idea I'm about to detail before you. Thanks, guys!
In the realms of RPG's and fantasy video games, I've never seen curses be that big of a deal… in relation to gameplay. Oh, cutscenes make a big deal out of it, but in terms of actual gameplay it's always a positive boost. Shadow of the Colossus, for example, has its protagonist Wander make a deal with the imprisoned dark god Dormin to free the latter in exchange for resurrecting the former's lady love. Over the course of the game, the more colossi Wander winds up killing, the more he absorbs Dormin's essence, devolving from a girlish pretty boy to an ugly husk of his former self. 
And it is neat how you can witness this gradual transformation over the course of the game. But aside from the narrative, in terms of gameplay? Absorbing each bit of essence simply mak
:icongamemasterfel:GamemasterFel 8 48



Thought it wold be worth writing a quick update journal to let you guys know what I'm planning:

First off, just to make it clear, I'm not coming back to writing Death Battle/Fatal Fiction for a while now, I need to study a lot and I lost motivation for writing them anyways. I could come back, but you probably won't see an announcement journal for it. You'll only know if I actually come back if I publish a prelude/OMM, so heads up for that.

Second, done with shitpost RPs/comments and all that bullshit. Not doing it here anymore.

And lastly, there's a NEW project I might be working on instead: A MOBA game concept! If you've played games like League of Legends or DOTA2 already, you probably know what I mean by that, but for those who don't:

A team focused game, a mix of tower defense and RPGs/MMOs, where 2 teams of 5 people battle against each other to take down their towers and buildings, eventually breaking into their base, and destroying some all-powerful object (Nexus, Crux, Core, whatever the game calls it) to win. There's a lot of other things that factor in (RPG-esque abilities for each character, monsters in the jungle you can beat up for gold, use said gold to buy items, etc), but that's the gist of it.

Now, I ask you two questions before I work on this and publish. I know that most of you have probably not played MOBAs before, but these are pretty simple questions, I hope:

1. Use OCs or already existing characters? Using original characters (like most MOBAs, although that's because most don't even have the IP rights) can allow me to come up with new concepts, which can allow me to come up with more interesting abilities for each, but if I use already existing characters, it can give something recognizable for you guys, not to mention that it's been done before and with success (Heroes of the Storm, which uses characters from Blizzard games, such as Diablo and Sarah Kerrigan).

2. This one would be easier to answer for those who played MOBAs more, but do you think this would be better as a more casual MOBA, like Heroes of the Storm (no items and such, but instead a unique and simple 'talent' system for each character), or something more competitive like DOTA2 (couriers that give you items from base, no option to automatically teleport back to base to heal, many item combinations, and super powerful abilities)?

Would very much appreciate feedback.


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Me? I'm a student, a rookie Death Battle writer, and all around enjoys being here!

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