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Thirsty III

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Making "shuk shuk" & "slurp slurp" sounds.

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punkrock30Student Artist


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never get high on your own supply

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In my opinion, the fact that they're both partaking ruins it.

It'd be better if it were more one-sided you know?

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NickMaster64Hobbyist Digital Artist

oh yeah there getting it on super sexy and hey can i join and have a threesome? ;P

Timey-Wimey-Detector's avatar

River, don't waste all that lovely liquid hydration leaking from Nellko, that Gal could keep your fluid levels up for decades XD

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drinking milk straight from the tap :)

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BalloonPrincessHobbyist Filmographer


Here's what the audience has been waiting for. <3

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EmberDanceNew Deviant

couple of naughty kitties u got there <3

did they remember to take their pills?

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Looks very beautiful and cute! ;)
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the thirst is real

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How thirsty look at their!!

nice and sexy job!!

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hanshynProfessional Digital Artist

wow nice work!

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This is really amazing. Llama Emoji-16 (Nose Bleed) [V1]

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Jetvoidfox96Student General Artist
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Knight3000Hobbyist Digital Artist

They`re not thirsty now!

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nellko is leaking just as much though, she's still gonna feel thirsty

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

YAY, A PART 3 :dummy:

also this is genius, women can perpetually travel deserts without the need for water this way :D

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Sadly not, usually women don´t lactate, and even if they could drink their own milk, the water absorbed from the milk cannot replace what is lost through sweating in the heat.

But damn does it look sexy.

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

dang it, i thought this picture solved the dilemma of desert based dehydration ^^;

oh well, the answer has to be somewhere :D

Heretic1311's avatar

Sorry i had to crush your hopes :XD:

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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

it's cool

besides there was a hole already in the idea, i mean how does a dude get throw a desert and not die, be prepared and bring water? as if it would be THAT simple :XD:

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