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Miss Goblin

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Published: July 16, 2011
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Another commission for :iconpantboy678: !!!

Did you know that I'm racist...? Against green people? I totally am. With the exception of Ms. Pamela Isley, I feel that green people are amongst the grossest of... fantasy people...

But it's not necessarily the color that bothers me. It's the general appearence that comes along with green skin. Warts... short stature... long noses... shriveled, wrinkly skin... horrid voices... bad teeth... waiting for hours for the airship... they can't do anything right. Then there's the beastly She-Hulk.... yeeeesshh.... no thanks.

So when PB approached me about THIS commission of an older OC of his, I was a little hesitant. Looking at her reference images, I had to tell him that if I was going to illustrate her, I'd have to soften her up. A LOT. Less muscle and ridges and strong facial features... Stretching the ears out to ridiculous anime lengths...

BUT! I had a lot of fun! But maybe because it's just very anime-ish... and not REAALLLYYY very fantasyish...? I gave her freckles too. I have a sort of green OC with freckles that I never draw anymore. I also like freckles... so that's cool. I bet a lot of DND fantasy nerd types probably get angry at anime fantasy stuff...

I'm babbling. BUT! I just wanted to say that I generally wonder why ANYONE would EVER play a game as a midget, green little monster, green sumo wrestler, or a giant cow beast... or even worse... FEMALE versions of those things... when they could play as a sassy blonde elf or a majestic horned alien babe. WTF? Although if they looked like THIS girl, I might think differently!

That being said... Miss Goblin's design here serves more than the purposes of looking like cool! It's designed with her second commission in mind, which will come later, and definitely not be allowed on DA... So go shoot :pantboy678: a visit and say thanks if you like this, or any of his awesome commissions!

Character (C) :iconpantboy678:
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for being a goblin she almost looks like she'd pass for having elf heritage as well given her having scale more similar to an elf or a human rather than knee high goblins, not that i'm complaining I'll admit I borrowed the idea and used it to build a D&D character off of though I genuinely thought she was more elf than goblin at first
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Played a female half-orc druid with no problem.  You did well with this lady here, though she should be a little bit buff, and shorten the ears some.  Other than that, she's gorgeous!
gothold's avatar
what cutie!!

You know it isn't easy being green.
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Whetsit-TuyaStudent General Artist
cullyferg2010's avatar
You did well on this one, even if she's green.  I like her!
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A very well drawn and attractive goblin. 
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GelefantHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like this piece. It's different as I normally only ever see male goblins.
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RzavioHobbyist Artist
That is so evil save day am rzavio (toon raven)
whiterabbit75's avatar
whiterabbit75Hobbyist Artist
I must say that I agree. If the gobbies looked like this, I'd play Horde more.
NuFilter's avatar
Goblins are usually ugly, but I guess not her...
TheSkaldofNvrwinter's avatar
TheSkaldofNvrwinterHobbyist Digital Artist
If this is from WoW, a goblin is NOT attractive lol. She is,
Runespeaker's avatar
Hey, Greenskins can be VERY sexy. >:P
SteamHead1880's avatar
SteamHead1880Hobbyist Traditional Artist
This is the first ever sexy goblin! EVER, EVER!!!!!!!!!
Tsuki-Wulf's avatar
Awesome goblin gal ^_^
PHR16384's avatar
PHR16384Hobbyist General Artist
She's the goblin that makes you like goblins. :iconmegustaplz:

And I agree. I say nay to stereotypical ugliness!
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foxsoxboxHobbyist General Artist
First I want to say, You racist bastard.

Second I want to say, That is some great work... for a racist bastard...
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ODSTD56Hobbyist Digital Artist
I say Goblins are pretty awesome. Its just each game makes them look ugly. WOW was like the only one that captured a true goblin image. Problem was they are taller than what they are in WOW.
aintn0body's avatar
All good points. Personally, I think elves in general are overused and boring. Even when they aren't Mary Sues, they're pretty much just tall skinny humans that live longer and can do anything better than humans can.

Incidentally, what are your thoughts on "The Lusty Argonian Maid?" :3c
ProfessorBootySqueez's avatar
Totally snooting here, but I had to respond... The Lusty Argonian Maid --> Favorite book. XD
aintn0body's avatar
Oh, and these games aren't always about how hot the females of the various playable races look. :P
Locked-Fingers's avatar
More goblins should be like this.
undeadpreist's avatar
personally i like green, but i do admit goblins have a bit of a bad rap of being unliked. anyway i have to ask do you do requests?
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StarSpangledSamuraiHobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Your coloring is really good, but I thin that if you did add some light muscle, she'd be a bamf.
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