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This daki was for cons this summer and... well... it's sold out now lollll

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Awesome!!! I love the torso!!!

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This was well worth the purchase! lucky to have gotten her!

Beautiful 😍

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nice some new feli stuff.
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The catwoman with a heart of gold. An admirable work.
neootaku2016's avatar
i totally have this on my wall ^^
WrathOfThePrimarch's avatar
Fantastic work, love her hair!

Also ofc it's super hot, lovely mix of cuteness and a bangin' body :heart::heart::heart:
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omg so sexy and beautiful ^_^

i knew about your art for a long time, your art of felicia looks so sexy and perfect X3
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She's super adorable!
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She is a really amazing kitty Heart 
Ah, right. I thought that art-style was familiar when I saw someone post they'd bought one. Definitely a much more... presentable one than the other daki she has (and I own). If I'd known, and more importantly had the money, I'd've wanted to get one.

You do manage to capture my beloved kitten's shining personality quite well. I love her expression on both sides here.
And I can't fault anything on a technical level.

Though, I would nitpick on not drawing her back fur strips, and not knowing that her forehead patch is a headband. (Which makes the fore-locks make a lot more sense when you think about it.) Of course, it can all be ignored on grounds of "Shapeshifter," I suppose. :P
But, on the counter to those points, you do at least remember to draw her pads.
Suppose the sorta Aquamarine-highlight is a good middle ground between blue and green for her eyes. Doesn't stop me from preferring green, but even Capcom can't seem to make up their minds on this. Though, I also feel like it makes her eyes stand out more from the frame of her great blue mane.
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I played Cham-Cham a lot, always beat Fel but felt bad doing it.
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You’d have to be crazy to not wanna bang Felicia!
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No, you’d have to be a fucking shitbrain.
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My sexy kitty! 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
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It's great to see you back posting waifus again!Wink/Razz 
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Felicia is love Felicia is life.
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