Unrestricted Stock - revised edition (part b)

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continued from part a slug22.deviantart.com/journal/…

:iconjackies-stock: old castle stock4 by jackies-stock :iconflordelys-stock: Stormy Beach Pack by flordelys-stock :iconangelical: angelical by angelical :iconemberstock: Assorted Seashells 1 by EmberStock :iconzernova: <da:thumb id="120669508"/> :iconmonicaoldenburg: <da:thumb id="115158277"/> :iconxantipa2-stock: Sundry Brushes 7 by Xantipa2-Stock :icongreenleaf-stock: chateau 25. DD by greenleaf-stock :iconkillerqueen-stock: Elf Door 05 by killerqueen-stock :iconjackystock: <da:thumb id="260392059"/> :icondustwavestock: The Droplets of Life by DustwaveStock :icondaylistock: mysterious woods 3 by daylistock :iconsepticwings-stock: Railroad Crossing Signal by SepticWings-stock :iconwonderdyke-stock: Liz Nymph VIII by Wonderdyke-Stock :iconsophiaastock: texture pack: abstract flowers by sophiaastock :iconelf-fu-stock: Peeking Parrot Quaker by elf-fu-stock :icontammysue: Technical by TammySue :iconredwolf518stock: texture stock 160 by redwolf518stock :icondonnyjrmail-stock: Old Caboose by donnyjrmail-stock :icondivsm-stock: Unrestricted Vintage design texture by DivsM-stock :iconraindroppe: Geothermal Area 57 by raindroppe :iconitsallstock: the rushmore by ItsAllStock :iconwesternstock: :iconzai-stock: Wallpaper paper by Zai-stock :iconstocksaphitri: Autumn Sun Skies: Stock Pack by StockSaphitri :iconcat-in-the-stock: Cloister garden pack by Cat-in-the-Stock :iconjlrose: <da:thumb id="352876203"/> :iconpandora-effekt: Wooden Spinning Wheel II by Pandora-Effekt :iconkalosys-stock: The last day by Kalosys-stock :iconvirgolinedancer1: Anderson Shelter by VIRGOLINEDANCER1 :iconhermitcrabstock: Castle of Briance at dawn by HermitCrabStock :iconferelwing-stock: <da:thumb id="198468335"/> :iconkowia: Snowy places 012 by Kowia :iconrml-stock: <da:thumb id="74082770"/> :iconftourini-stock: old path house by ftourini-stock :iconadorkastock:  Final Shot - Drawing Reference by AdorkaStock :iconwintersmagicstock: Sacred Path by wintersmagicstock :iconmelyssah6-stock: Smoke Stock XI by Melyssah6-Stock :iconfictionchick-stock: <da:thumb id="361150414"/> :iconrockstocks: RockStocks 1816 by RockStocks :iconnitch-stock: In to the Mystic by nitch-stock :iconveyga:

Mature Content

stock image 20 by Veyga
:iconice7085: Vampire 15 by ice7085 :iconnoattributionstock: Sea Lion 28 by NoAttributionStock

compiled from a list by :iconfollowintheblackbird: many thanks to him for his hard work on our behalf.
As always double check for usage rights and don't forget to link and credit celticstrm-stock.deviantart.co…
I have had to remove a few stockers from the original list either because their was not of a standard help.deviantart.com/809/ or because certain rules implied restriction. Sorry to anyone who feels I have been unfair.

These images are direct from the Stockers and are, where available, DD's! However it does seem to me that there are a whole bunch of dedicated Stockers out there without a DD, so could you all please take the time to vote on the excellent stock you find especially when the Stocker has had no DD to their name we cannot afford to lose these people so let them know you appreciate them! To check if they have a DD go to their gallery and click browse, any DD's will be marked at the bottom of the page "See also: stockers daily deviations". When you have found out then you can suggest a DD to either :iconelandria: or :iconpiratelotus-stock: You do not have to have an explanation of what makes it good and you may or may not be named that is up to you just send them a note subject DD or Daily Deviation and they will do the rest. Oh and please don't bully them either, they are volunteers and good people.

Unrestricted Stock providers who do not have a dedicated stock account:
:iconangeliastocks: crewations.deviantart.com/gall… <da:thumb id="339327591"/> :iconnolamom3507: nolamom3507.deviantart.com/gal… Creature 2 by Nolamom3507 :iconslug22: slug22.deviantart.com/gallery/… 1109 by Slug22 :iconunicornreality: unicornreality.deviantart.com/… Crux1 by UnicornReality :iconmd-arts: md-arts.deviantart.com/gallery… Smoke - III by MD-Arts :iconfollowintheblackbird: followintheblackbird.deviantar… Pillar outside an abandoned Chinese Buffet by FollowinTheBlackBird :iconkarinclaessonart: sweediesart.deviantart.com/gal… Winter 54 by KarinClaessonArt :iconvon-chan: von-chan.deviantart.com/galler… - STOCK - strawberries2 by Von-Chan :iconeve-velvetrose: eve-velvetrose.deviantart.com/…

Mature Content

Stock vampire by Eve-VelvetRose

:iconunrestricted-world: :iconnocreditstock: :iconstock-unrestricted:

If anyone would like to see their page/ group added here please send me a note :D

Now see part a slug22.deviantart.com/journal/…
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You can add me to this list if you wish! :)
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added, thanks :)
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I keep on dreaming !
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Thank you, sir :squee: this is a great update & the links you've added make it even more handy! Very much appreciated!
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I hope it gives a better feel as to the stock available from the Deviants ;) plus I'd been meaning to run through them since I had found a "stocker" who only had one item.

PS have you seen "part a" too I had to split the list because of all the thumbs :faint:
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Yes I did see "part a", lots of great stock! :heart:
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that's ok then ;)
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Wonderful!! Thank you so much for compiling this!
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You are very welcome :D :hug: as always ;)
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