Unrestricted Stock - revised edition (part a)

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What an amazing great idea to share this journal!!
Why isn't there any respond to it???
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I'm not sure, maybe it needs more publicity maybe no one really cares for free stock any more, expecting that payment means risk free ;)
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So wrong thinking then......;-)
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With payment, you may find yourself bound contractually too... copyright is a legal matter upheld by law, terms of usage are contractual and may or may not be upheld by civil law, often depending on your judge or even the country a case is tried in. I believe that without proper legal consultation stockists may be opening their stock up to abuses of terms just because money has changed hands... people should read the creative commons copyright agreement too, I mean really read them because they may be shocked by what they find there.
However a clever individual may be able to make an enormous amount of money by selling stock on a pay per use contract, that the end user has to pay everytime the stock is used - 1 payment, 1 use. This could be seen as fraud in some circumstances fair in others, mainly dependent I think upon how much money passes hands but that type of practice may again bring people back to wanting free stock :D