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My pokemon team

Hahaa! I know this is not PmC picture but I want to share this because I want to battle! òuó/

My friend code is:
5215 - 0805 - 2104

IGN: Riku

Dex: 719 (also own them all)

Trading: Absolutely! What do you need?

Send me a note or comment if you want to give me your FC and battle/trade wishes! 

Kratti (Charizard), breed by me. He's shiny.

Radien (Nidoking), breed by me, he was my surprise baby because I had to breed my other Nidoking to get Nidoran girl (I didn't find that from nature, lazy bastard). I had 3 girls and then Radien born from 4th egg, I didn't even notice that before I was trading him away. Luckily I realized that he wasn't girl, he had only same colours as girls have and now he have been one of my favourite pokemons~ He's shiny.

Haxorus (Egres), traded buddy, I was bored to breed shiny pokemon so I traded him, that's why his official name is Haxorus but still I call him Egres~ He's shiny.

Deattan (Jolteon), catched in pokemon Y when he was Eevee.

Ilmarinen (Typhlosion), breed by me, he's my newest pokemon and I'm still training with him. He's shiny.

ルギア (Rugia), she came from wonder trade. I know she's sexless but I call her a "she", it's not because she's red/pink or something like that, no, pink can be also male's colour. It's because I don't have any other girl in my team :c She's shiny.

Then there's one extra fella!
Karakara (Cubone), usually I don't use him when I'm fighting, he's mostly my pet pokemon in the game 8D ♥

Backround is not mine, I found it from animewallpapers website o/ I'm too lazy and I don't have time to paint anything like that by myself. And I'm not talented enough xD
Pokemons belong to Nintendo 

Better picture of these pokemons, without background and stuff:…
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I know this is an old piece, but I was just googling Pokemon Team Art and came across this. This is truly incredible.

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awesome battle <3 love your typhlosion even if he was the death of me |D
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That was fun! :D When your Sylveon appeared I was so exited because there was 2 eeveelutons on the battlefield :D You had an awesome team! ♥ Thank you for trading friend codes and for the battle! ^-^  You can challenge me anytime again if you want! 
Icegoddesswolf16's avatar
yay! ok ouo and kiitos for allowing me to keep your friend code and such
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Really lovely work :)
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Thank you so much! :D
Icegoddesswolf16's avatar
i feel your team could easily kick my ass...but if you want to battle sometime my friend code is: 1263 - 7344 - 2933
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this is gorgeous *_*

Im gonna add you~ since i have no friends irl that play ;_;
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I can play with you! ^^ Tell me your friend code and add mine!
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agh, sorry for the delayed answer~ I'll try to add you sometime this week

school is robbing my free time Waaaah! 
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No worries! :DD
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Thanks mate :D
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You're welcome!!^_^
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I love the shiny Haxorus. I love the shiny Charizard. I love the Thyplosion. Simply, I love them all :love: Beautiful team pic! If I wouldn't terribly suck at battles I would challenge you this instant XD
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I don't think that I'm great at battles so you can have a change! xD 
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Lol then we have to try some day XD my fc is 5112 4459 2300, and name is same as here è^é
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Very manly team! I how they look like natural animals~
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Thanks! I'm glad if you like them! ^-^ I don't know why I can't find females in my team! D:
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Mine is   2320 7014 2854
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Thank you! I added your friend code! ^^
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