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Thanks to having to update the design/functionality of and my taxes, I'm now officially a month behind on these. I'll catch up at the end of this month, hopefully! I need to finish a sea monster painting I'd started on before all this happened first, though. So that'll be next!

When I was growing up, when the flowers first started blooming we would go outside and frolic in them. Most years, that involved holding a buttercup (some people use a dandelion) up to our chins to see the yellow reflection on our chins. The petals are highly reflective, so it makes this beautiful yellow-orange glow. The degree to which it glows is supposed to mean various things, depending on which version of the folk story you grew up hearing -- but mostly, if you like butter. 

Kinda silly. I don't need a flower to tell you that I like butter.

But the glow looks pretty and always reminds me of spring.

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Very well done! It actually took me a couple times looking at it to realize this wasn't actually a photograph. Great detail and exceptional, eye popping use of color.