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I am never on here anymore except to comment on other individuals' art; however, I have realized that a journal update is pretty mandatory, considering my last one was almost a year ago.  

The Year In Review:

School was very stressful, but very, very rewarding.

I perhaps will not show up again for another year, but until then, I would like to say that I am happy to be involved in a community of such profoundly talented artists.
So this unfortunately requires that I post a new journal entry...right.
Here we gooooo....

The musical baton was passed on to me by ~silentglaive.

Total Volume:
-I currently have 6gb free on hard drive (13 gb total)
-I currently have *counts* six CD's
-I currently have 1 Mp3 CD
-I currently have 0 Vinyl

The Last CD i bought:
Handel.  You know, the classical dude.

Song playing right now:
Air from the Water Music in F - Handel

5 Songs i listen to a lot or mean a lot to me:
-ZONE - Secret Base
-Allegro from Oboe Concerto 1-Handel
-Concerto No. 2 for Clarinet-Weber
-In my Place - Coldplay
-The Reason - Hoobastank

5 people i'm passing the baton on to:
and I can't think of a fifth sad is THAT?!
Sooooo anyway, a brief update.  School is over, which means the fiery blaze of hell has receded.  At least for the summer.  My current major project (and when I say major, I totally mean major) is a professional website for my dad's friend.  It is coming along very nice, but it is taking a lot longer than I anticipated.  In other news, last friday was my birthday woohooo....I went to PF Chang's and it was very delicious.  Then I went to best buy to buy a new digital camera with my birthday money so that was very exciting.  And I still have money left over!  wooohoo.  Also my new cell phone finally came woohoo and it's in color!  It's so exciting.  Welllllll, all for now.  Maybe I'll post screenshots of this website later or something......

errr yay for me?

Thu Apr 21, 2005, 2:02 PM

So I came on deviantart today and it was all like, Congratulations! and apparently I just randomly won a free subscription on devart for seven days...and....yea.....not that i need it...

So, i got my site up and running.  It's a writing site with a lot of old stuff.  There's some new stuff too (which is soooo much better than the old stuff) but you can check it out for yourself.

Tell me what you think.
So, yea, it's my first day of summer vacation!!  Know what that means???


But besides that, it means more time to work on art and stuff!!!  I want to start another site over the summer despite the fact that I know it will end up dying by the beginning of the school year in the fall.  But who cares!  Let's be spontaneous!!!  *does spontaneous...things*
so yea, it's 6:23 in the morning and I just took a shower!  Very exciting, seeing as I like never take showers in the morning.  But this time I had the chance to because my dad and sister left for Texas early this morning (it's my sister's first plane ride, going to be very amusing) and my mom dropped them off there.  So I can't get a ride to school, ergh.  That means I have to take the bus, which is evil.  Well I better go now and worry over a huge test I have in civics essay the first half and regular test second half.  I think I have my entire essay memorized, but I just hope that I don't freak out and forget it.  And yea.  k bye now
So yeah.  I haven't submitted anything for a long long time.  Hmm.  Well, right now I do not have the time, so yer gonna have to wait until school ends, mwahaaaaaaaaaa.  Yup.

But here's a plus...the first day of summer vacation is my birthday!  yay!  lol.
I'm thinking of opening a site where I can put my poetry on maybe ish.  A friend conveniently told me -- after a short session of complaints I delivered about how much I suck -- that I am more lingually- and musically-oriented in my art and form of expression.  which is true i suppose.  none of you -- except like two people -- have actually seen my writing, so MOO.  in the mean time, enjoy my "unconventional" artwork.  :P
Someone by the name of deadums left me a message today that made me happy:

"wow, i'm simply loving your gallery. Such pretty pretty images...I can't use photoshop to save my life.

You are something for me to aspire to. Much love."

heh.  :)
Obscenity Review for "Cabin Fever"

     F*ck - 73
     Shit - 6
     Slut - 1
     Asshole - 1

     Sexual Activity - 2 complete scenes
     Sexually Suggestive Activity - Approximately 4 scenes
     Sexually Suggestive Spoken Material - 3

and might I add that Cabin Fever was the dumbest movie I have ever seen.  The quality of the movie is so poor, it's not worthy of description.
heh i just realized i skipped over some things by accident, like grade.  it says ninth but should be in eleventh?  that's not right.  that was the person before me's answer ish.  meh i'm sure no one noticed anyway :P

hey, i'm bored, so here we go!

Your full name: Steven Braun
Age: 14
Height: 5'6"
Natural hair colour: brownish
Eye colour: hazel most of the time, some times blue, it changes randomlyish (well, it depends on what kind of conditions in terms of light)
Number of siblings: younger sister
Glasses/contacts? glasses for reading
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Braces? Nope


Colour: green
Band: derr linkin park
Song: hmmmm.  english or foreign?  :P
Stuffed animal: derr?
Video game: final fantasy x pwnz j00.
TV show: Less than perfect/whose line is it anyway
Movie: not know
Book: cycle of fire was good, that or amber spyglass
Food: vietnamese yum
Game on a cell phone: tetris!
CD cover: creed
Flower: uh...
Scent: um...rain?
Animal: tiger!
Comic book: none
Cereal: fruity pebbles :P
Website: hmmmmm i haveth not one fav
Cartoon: The Fairly Odd Parents!


Play an instrument? clarinet j0
Watch TV more than 60 hours a week? no way
Like to sing? i hate singing
Have a job? Nope
Have a cell phone? oui
Like to play sports? i hate sports.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope
Have a crush on someone? well of course
Live somewhere NOT in the united states? nope
Have more than 5 TVs in your house? nope, but close
Have any special talents/skills? um, sure?
Excercise daily? um...heh no.
Like school? yes!  except for gym.  i hate gym.


Sing the alphabet backwards? erm no.
Stand on your tip toes without wearing shoes? yes...
Speak any other languages? oh yea...everyone knows that about me :P
Go a day without food? Never!
Stay up for more than 24 hours? nope, i am a weakling
Read music, not just tabs? well duh, i play the clarinet
Roll your tongue? no
Eat a whole pizza? blech no


Snuck out of the house? no
Cried to get out of trouble? i do not get in trouble.  that much.
Gotten lost in your city? oooooh yea.  it's sad, really.
Seen a shooting star? nope
Been to any countries besides the United States? Nope
Had a serious surgery? Nope
Stolen something important to someone else? No
Solved a rubiks cube? i do not have the patience to.
Gone out in public in your pajamas? yes lol.
Cried over a girl? maaaaaaaybe.
Cried over a boy? erm, no.
Kissed a random stranger? No.
Hugged a random stranger? noooo.
Been in a fist fight? no.
Been arrested? No.
Done drugs? No. although i think someone asked me if i did though one time.  interesting, ne?
Had alcohol? never.  heck, i won't even taste wine.
Laughed and had milk come out of your nose? Yes.
Pushed all the buttons on an elevator? mwaaha but it's fun!
Gone to school only to find you had the day off because of a holiday/etc? no.
Sworn at your parents? no. i only swear when i'm alone and extremely pissed off.
Been to warped tour? eh?
Kicked a guy where it hurts? yes, accidentally
Been in love? perhaps.
Been close to love? welllllllll read above.
Been to a casino? No
Ran over an animal and killed it? No
Broken a bone? Nope.
Gotten stitches? No.
Had a waterballoon fight in winter? nope.
Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour? No.  and eww.
Made homemade muffins? no
Bitten someone? Yes
Been to Disney Land/Disney World? yes
More than 5 times? No
Been to niagra falls? No
Burped in someones face? no, that's rude
Gotten the chicken pox? Yes.


Brushed your teeth: This morning.
Went to the bathroom: 15 minutes ago
Saw a movie in theaters: hmm a couple months ago
Read a book: About 1 or 2 days ago
Had a snow day: Long time ago
Had a party: Ages ago
Had a slumber party: Never
Made fun of someone: Today
Tripped in front of someone: Don't know
Went to the grocery store: hmm yesterday
Got sick: couple weeks ago
Cursed: i refuse to answer.


Fruit/vegetables: Fruit
Black/white: white
Lights on/lights off: Lights Off...;) :P jk
TV/movie: Movie
Car/truck: Car
Body spray/lotion: Body spray
Cash/check: Cash
Pillows/blankets: blankets
Headache/stomach ache: Headache
Paint/charcoal: paint
Chinese food/mexican food: chinese
Summer/winter: summer
Snow/rain: rain
Fog/misty: Fog
Rock/rap: rock
Meat/vegetarian: Meat
Boy/girl: girl...
Chocolate/vanilla: vanillaaaaaa!
Sprinkles/icing: icing
Cake/pie: cake.  i hate pie.
French toast/french fries: French Toast
Strawberries/blueberries: Strawberries
Ocean/swimming pool: Ocean
Hugs/kisses: hmm.  both?
Cookies/muffins: cookies
p33n/bewbz: lol this is humorous.  i will assume the appropriate answer is bewbz :P
Wallet/pocket: Wallet
Window/door: Window
Emo/goth: emo
Pink/purple: Purple
Cat/dog: dogt
Long sleeve/short sleeve: longSleeve
Pants/shorts: Pants
Winter break/spring break: Winter Break
Spring/autumn: Autumn
Clouds/clear sky: Clouds
Moon/mars: Moon


How many friends do you have? muchos
What are their names? NOYB
Do you have a best friend? perhaps
Have you ever liked one of your friends? Yes.
Do you have more guy friends or more girl friends? guy
Have you ever lost a friend? Yes
Have you ever gone to an amusement park with a friend? yes
Whats an inside joke between you and a friend? i have no clue.
Have you ever gotten in a big arguement with a friend? Yes indeed.
What's the nicest thing youve ever done for a friend? um...been there?
What's the nicest thing a friend has ever done for you? Been there for me.
Do you miss any of your old friends? Yes.
What friend have you known the longest? eric i believe
Do you regret anything you've done to a friend? Yes.
If so, what is it? stuff
How often do you spend time with your friends? muchos
Do any of your friends drive? no
Has a friend of yours ever died? No.
What's the dumbest thing youve done with a friend? you do not want to know.
What do you think your friends think of you? i'm a bit odd at times.


Have you ever been in love? Yeah
If you have, with whom? none of your business.
Are you single? Yes
Are you in a relationship? No
If so, for how long? ...
Do you believe there is someone for everyone? i do not know anymore.
What is your idea of the best date? uh...
What was your first kiss like?...moo
How old were you when you got your first kiss? ...
Do you think love is a load of shit? um, i suppose it can be at times.
What's the best experiance youve ever had with the opposite sex? being with them.
If you are single, have you had any boyfriends/girlfriends before? no.  although, i have had a girlfriend before on her behalf.  she claimed to be in love with me and she lives in north've got me.
Have you ever been dumped? nope
Have you ever dumped someone? nope
What's the most sexual thing youve done with the opposite sex? derr

Slippers: Cinderella
Hat: trick
Hard: rock cafe! :P
Free: lobster.
Space: Time
Taste: kabob
Good Charlotte: um...
Red: wine
Deep: end
Heart: Love
Cord: con
Cheese: slice
Rain: dark
Work: paper
Pedal: wheel
Head: ache
Bed: rest
Fluff: heh.
Hardcore: metal?
Race: Horses
Knife: dangerous
Jump: bridge

am: special
want: stuff
need: personal satisfaction
crave: the stain of mortal blood
love: llamas
hate: ignorance
did: eh?
feel: tired
miss: someone...
am annoyed by: annoying people.
would rather: do something creative
am tired of: neglecting myself
will always: be unconfident in myself

What is your favourite genre of music? rock
What time is it now? 8:20 pm
What day is it? Sunday
When's the last time you called someone? Awhile ago
How much money do you have right now? i do not know and am too lazy to look
Are you hungry? No.
Whatcha doin? uh, typing this?
Do you like parades? Nooooo.
Do you like the moon? I love it
What are you going to do when youre done with this? go learn about the establishment of due process of law.
Isn't "cup" a funny word when you repeat it over and over? uh, no.  although, tapioca is.
If you could have any magical power what would it be? oooh fire or flying!
Have you ever had a picnic? Yes.
Did you ever have one of those skip-its when you were young? no.
What about sock em boppers? no.
Are you wearing any socks right now? Yes.

funny? Yes.
pretty? no.
sarcastic? hell yea
lazy? Yes.
hyper? Yes.
friendly? Yes.
evil? oh yes.
smart? heh sure
strong? no.  i am weak.
talented? sure
dorky? yes.

high: Jeff
skip:: jenny
dance: alex
lonely: spencer
pen: eh?
flower: anna
window: becky
psycho: TYLER omg that worked out perfectly
brain freeze: jenny again
orange: what?
sassy: cassie :P
jelly: uh


suicide: Against
love: For
drunk drivers: Against
airplanes: For
war: depends
canada: For
united states: um, for i'm assuming
rock music: For
gay marriage: sure why not
school: For
surveys: For
parents: For
cars: For
killing: Depends i suppose
britney spears: Against! she's evil
coffee: blech
pants: um for, i guess/

Sky dive? No
Play strip poker? no.
Run away? No
Curse at a teacher? no.
Not take a shower for a week? nooooooo.
Ask someone out? i think i would be too shy to/
Lie to someone to make them think better of you? ...perhaps.
Visit a foreign country for more than a month? oh yes.
Go scuba diving? No.
Write a book? Ofcourse
Become a rockstar? no
Have casual sex? eh.

LAST QUESTIONS (finally!!!)

What shampoo do you use? Vive somethingish
When's the last time you did something sexual with the opposite sex? derr
What kind of computer do you have? compaq.  they're fast.  and stuff.
What grade are you in? 9th
Do you like to throw popcorn at people in the movies? I should
Or just make out? eh
How many posters do you have in your room? None
How many CDs do you have? not many
What time is it now? 8:27 pm
What day is it? Sunday.  didn't you already ask that...

wow that was long.
Alas, my composing ability has come to this.

I have written my first sonata, woohoo.  it's for piano and it's for a project thingy in band.  i'm hoping mr fretland (the director of bands) will like it, and if he doesn't, he shall dieeeeeee.

if you want to listen to it, go to… and click on sonate.mid.  i warn you though to not listen to anything in that directory.  everything else i made when i was trying to figure out how to use my program, and their melodic quality is quite poor.  so listen to SONATE only, got it?  k.

byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya'll.

I installed a cd-rw drive on our old computer and it WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!  The last time I did something like that, I kinda destroyed their computer, heh.  although, it wasn't really MY fault, best buy just didn't tell me they needed a drive controller card thingy.  anyway, i'm off to be obsessed!!!!!!!!
yooooooo people.

i'm bored.  yuppppppppppppp.  ummmmmmmmm...*tries to think of something to put in here* oh, i know!  i'm yet to submit something decent to deviantart yay me!  okay i suck, I know, get used to it :P

byeeeeeeeeeee now as i drift into the land of uber boredomnessousitness.

i am SO STINKIN MAD RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!  I came home from school and checked my messages here and apparently like six of my submissions have been removed due to fucking copyright violations!!!!!!!!!!!  I apparently have to receive third-party approval, but what the hell about all those other people who use like anime and game stuff????!!!!  and how the heck am i supposed to receive approval?  i put the copyright info on everything i do, isn't that enough?  OMG THIS IS REALLY UNFAIR.  Completely.  Some of my best stuff is anime manipulations, and now they're just gone.  my god.

excuse me while i fume.

ugh i swear, deviantart just isn't worth it anymore.

I'm really bored and i decided that i should probably do some sort of follow up to my "Sick" entry from last friday, seeing as i am no longer sick.

So yea.
...................yea, chicken....sure

Work with me here.

Oh, and looking for a good laugh?  Then check out it is quite humorous.

Well, i am off to think of more ideas for my sudden inspiration to write a novel.  I almost wrote one a couple months ago, i got pretty far actually, but then i lost interest.  Hmm the longest I've ever gone is eighty-eight pages...can I go longer?!?!  MWAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA I'M NOT CRAZY
ughhhhhhh i got so sick last night...stomach flu.  i was up half the night and very restless.  i'm staying home today though trying to get better for my concert tonight, but blehhhhhhhhhh.  

I'm having fun with my nifty new french dictionary i got for my computer so i can resume my french studies from last year.  apparently, i passed a sample of the college entrance exam!  my friend told me that usually people that are at level three only pass that test, and i was only like at the beginning of level two!  lol i'm such a language geek.  but yea.  so bye.
This is an entry based solely on personal boredom.

the following is today's schedule:

6:35 AM - Woke Up.
6:37 AM - Took a piddle break.
6:40 AM - Ate Breakfast.  I had Honey Combs cereal.
6:45 AM - Got dressed.  I wore jeans, a t-shirt and a pullover sweatshirt.  Typical of me.  I'm obviously the hip and stylish pimpin' stud.  :P
7:05 AM - Brushed teeth.  brushed hair.  took my last piddle break before school.
7:24 AM - Went to school.
7:35 AM - Arrived at school.
7:41 AM - Arrived at first hour class.  Sat for nine minutes.  Did nothing.
7:50 AM class started.
8:58 AM - Went to homeroom to receive registration information.
10:20 AM - Went to band.  We played.  Yup.
11:20 AM - Went to gym.  We had open gym.  It was bored.  Found out I have 97% currently for my grade.  How exciting that is, seeing as I absolutely despise the class.
12:35 PM - Went to lunch.  Pizza.  It didn't taste very good.
1:05 PM - Went to last class.  Honors English.  We did a review for our final tomorrow.  Woohoo.
2:20 PM - School ended.  Went home.
3:00 PM - Watched the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Screw you.  It's funny.
3:05 PM - during the show I read Romeo and Juliet again to review for my english final tomorrow.
4:00 PM - finished Romeo and Juliet.  Reviewed material for band final.
5:27 PM - ate dinner.  Hamburgers.  Yum.
7:00 PM - watched american idol.  Was humored multiple times.
8:00 PM to Now - Watched/am watching the state of the union address.


So there you go.  A record of my day today.  Hope you found it as exciting as I made it sound. gallery is stupid.