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I have come to realize that the group is highly inactive.. The weekly and the monthly stats are highly demoralizing...

I think it is time to bring in new people to the administration team...

In the hopes of reviving the group, I hereby invite interested members to apply for the post of contributors.
In the short run, I am looking for three contributors, who are active and have a little spare time each day to contribute to the group..

Please feel free to apply along with a brief of why you would like to be chosen as a contributor..


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Gallery Folders

Black And White
Monochrome Highlander by Coigach
-Dry- by DarkAfi4
Under the Tree by ShamanQueen1994
Raining Hard by ShamanQueen1994
Tiny Flower by ShamanQueen1994
Diagonal Up by PandaWicked
Sunny by oddities707
Just Another Flower Shot by Saxophrenic25
Kisses cookies by bhall96992
Strawberry droplets III by Bozack
Blackberry forest IV by Bozack
Beer portraits2 - Floris Kriek by 2ga
Leaf Fall: Castle Kennedy by Coigach
Living in Dreams by Mina-Ficent
What Are You Looking At? by JimmyDick
In the middle of the forest by DominikaAniola
Strzecha Akademicka by DominikaAniola
Just another morning. by Rillainy
Whitby by night by maximusmountain
In the mountains by DominikaAniola
Crow+Leaf: Wanlockhead by Coigach
Wickerman by Coigach
Green Field by ShamanQueen1994
Lake by ShamanQueen1994
Animals And Nature
Autumn Goose by DominikaAniola
Meerkat by DominikaAniola
Hoglet by Coigach
Dreams of Peace and Freedom for Ukraine by clippercarrillo
The wait seems forever by masscreation
Don't Get Closer by xeneras
Breathe me. by Larkwar
Bright by Diasuki-CES
HDR Photography
River by ShamanQueen1994
Thasos Rocks by mariustipa
beautiful day by IndianRain
Shikh Zayed Mosque III by ShamanQueen1994
Relaxing Night by Baher-Amin
Elisenbrunnen Aachen by hueseyinkilic
shahrak cinema by Shahsepram
Photo Manipulation
Sit with me. by Larkwar
Whisper words of wisdom by astelpay
Photography Tutorials
The Most Out Of Non-DSLRs by havoCghosT

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These are the talented Deviants within our community who help run the group on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please get in contact with any of us below. :)







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Our First tutorial!

The Most Out Of Non-DSLRs by havoCghosT
"The Most Out Of Non-DSLRs"

Written by

Submission Rules!

Rules To Follow When Submitting Deviations

Declined pieces of Artworks are just a sign of important Administrative decisions. Please do not consider them a reflection on the quality of your art. Therefore any questions as to why your work was declined will not be answered.

:bulletred: Please do not submit to the Featured Folder. As it is no longer for the use of Members. Please could you submit to the folders available to you in the Galleries. Any submissions sent to us to the folder stated above will be declined. A message will go out to you saying to submit your Deviation to a different folder.

:bulletred: You do not have to own a SLR Camera to submit images into this group.

:bulletred: You are welcome to submit any media as long as the main concept of your work is Photography. We do not accept the following media in our Group: explicit, gore, racist, rude, or anything touching the Pornography boundaries.

:bulletred: Your submissions must be made by you! Please do not edit/alter the work of others. If you are caught stealing art, you'll be kicked out from the club and reported to deviantART and to the original creator of the stolen Artwork.

:bulletred: Please limit to 1 deviations a day if you are a Member. Admin have the privilege of submitting 10 deviations a day as they handle everyone's submissions.

:bulletred: Submit to the correct category please otherwise your artwork may be rejected.
These rules are put in place to aid our Members. Please follow them carefully. If any of the serious rules are broken, you risk yourself being deleted from the group or in a serious case, reported to deviantART.

Revised on 14th June 2010


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enc86 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
Hi, i am a artist that has been doing photography as a hobby for a couple of years. most of my experience has been with a cannon power shot(point and shoot), as it is dying i am looking to upgrade just a bit. i want a camera that is reliable,light weigh and not as $$$ as a proper SLR but still have a bit of power and quality.

was just wondering if anyone had heard any good/bad things about the
Samsung NX line. the nx1100 and nx300 to be specific.

sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.any advise would be greatly appreciated.
jablonskyisland Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2011  Professional General Artist
for accepting [link] and the previous submissions into this group.
FloWithTheMojo Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Sorry i submitted a photo into the wrong category and then deleted the correspondence msg instead of withdrawing, so just ignore it the flower in the black and white category. Cheer
N-Antoniou Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
This group is on the verge of being unactive.

Join our new group with over 1,000 members:

(Founder of #SLR-Camera-Club)
WeridofWerid Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Mine expired to what happened?
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