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January 11, 2012
Mononoke by ~sloyuna
Featured by alexandrasalas
Suggested by rioIu
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fanart :)
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hanhoang2002's avatar
He's so beautiful and seductive in this art. I notice you included his feudal wood-block pornography things on the floor, great details lmao <3
Rrilltrae's avatar
Is your work available in print?  I'd love a copy of this if so.  I hit a looooot of anime conventions as an artist so if youre in the circuit at all let me know 
ingechan's avatar
so much awesome detail!
and mr. medicine seller looks seductive like ever :3
Mayyoubehappy's avatar
Reach for the stars ...  I want to draw as beautifully as you do...
mylove18934's avatar
Beautiful Work! dOvOb 
Auramiyonautica's avatar
oh my god that amount of detail! fabulous work
iwannaseethelight's avatar
How can anybody have that much talent...
That must have took a long time o:
Maripon's avatar
I love Mononoke!!
Floruna's avatar
I looove this one! I think you're a fan of this serie (I can't say "manga", sorry)
KlaudNYNE's avatar
Need to watch the anime. Just finished the manga. It has a very interesting plot.
akeleven's avatar
Perfect! True to the character and the anime.
tenko72's avatar
Pretty! I like how you have references to the episodes in the BG.
Geordieness's avatar
Not only did you emulate the style of the series very well, you also seem to have included all (if not most) of the various props and motifs used throughout the series.

Okitakehyate's avatar
This is awesome! I LOVE it, it's just so delightfully Japanese with so much of the traditional wood-block like look to the style.. & it's just so beautifully cluttered.. It's like the kind of room that I would have.. cuz I love collecting Japanese stuff & I don't have a very large room & tend not be overly organized ^^;
kotorikurama's avatar
I love that anime!!!
cHiBiX86's avatar
OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *O*
sillynumber's avatar
so many details *_* this is amazing!
Saineem's avatar
This is drawn traditionally? It's so smooth and clear! Unbelievable :wow:
twig-twiggy's avatar
Wow it looks like you got a little bits of the different episodes and merged them into one background
shi-oni's avatar
so awesome and detailed!
saturdaynight12's avatar
this is so amazing * O*

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