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Windows 7 on Spanky - Wild Blue Yonder

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Windows 7 is perhaps the best all around OS Microsoft has made in terms of usability and beauty. It can be customized and modified in so many ways that a machine can truly be made unique in appearance and function according to the needs of its user. It is still being used by over 25% of all PCs worldwide.

It has been a good run, but after January 14th of 2020, that run will officially be over. Beyond that date, most folks will no longer receive updates to security issues and drivers. Only enterprise customers who pay for extended support will get these fixes, which are slighted to run for three years beyond the cutoff.

CoyoteNET DSS plans to continue running Windows 7 for the foreseeable future because the hardware being used for music production works flawlessly under the OS. This hardware does not need an internet connection and so it will continue to run in the studio on the local area network which is not connected to the internet.

After the cutoff date, the outward facing computers will run Linux Mint, Q4OS, or ReactOS. Most will run Mint, with the rest being experimental trials. As we find Linux solutions to Windows tasks, even the remaining machines will get switched over to open source software as we ween ourselves from Redmond code.

CoyoteNET will still support Windows 7 as a legacy system. We are investigating ways to keep the update path open as well, since enterprises will still be able to keep their boxen current and secure. Once these options are known and tested, we shall roll them out to our remaining clients who still run 7.

As of this posting, the Slow Dog' s Place on dA has less than a month of premium membership left. The core license will not be renewed by us, but if anyone wishes to keep the lights on with a contribution, we shall accept that gift with total gratitude. The plan is to keep the account open, paid or not.

The Slow Dog's Place is one of CoyoteNET's main clients. There are many changes on the way due to the situation with Windows 7 and the rollout of Eclipse on dA. It is the wild blue yonder for us, totally uncharted territory. Expect things to be vastly simplified on the profile page here.

Eclipse will toss a lot of the work deviants have done to make their pages unique. Most of the customization we have gotten used to and grown to love shall be gone. The new dA will be pandering to folks on mobile phones who are addicted to social media. It will no longer be the art site we signed up for.

Thus, with the passing of Windows 7 and the end of dA as we know it, there will be far less activity at the Slow Dog's Place. The watch list, friends list, favorites and deviation galleris will all see major edits which leave only relevant content in place in favor of a much slimmed down accout and internet presence.
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