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Windows 7 on Spanky - Nystal's Magic Network

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When Walnut Hill Productions moved from Tarpley Manor to Nystal's Magic Hut, networking went much slower going from Spectrum's 200MIPs to AT&T's 20MIPs. After some him hawing and reshuffling, we are again back on Spectrum's faster cyberstreet.

AT&T had us hooked up to a phone line through a box and what they call a data cable, which is really more like a standard phone line with a DSL type connnection. It was dismal at best. Spectrum has always been a trailblazer when it comes to pumping data down a broadcast cable.
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No glas fiber at your area? Well, I also still waiting for. But next year the street where I live will be overhauled. The commune also replaces water tubes and electric wires inside the road. So the network companies uses this opportunity to replace the old copper telephone wires by glas fiber.
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We have fiber. However, it is trunk lines that do not run to each house. Those lines are still copper. This system is capable of gigabit links. Rather costly and not really needed at Nystal's Magic Hut. 200MIPs is a rather speedy hookup. I am happy with that since most of my workstations top out at around 20MIPs. I have eight ports, so this should be enough to feed them all.
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Oh, the last mile problem. Yeah, will be an issue at my home too!
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My current network is brought in on standard broadcasting cable. It is capable of gigabit in both directions. The ISP has it capped at 200MIPs down and 12MIPs up to control traffic since there is only so much bandwidth on so many ports at the server farm. We have a rather large farm and it is growing. Just this year we moved to Supermicro servers with multiple sockets per node Xeon scalable tech coupled with NVidia GPUs for compute. This server farm, located in Athen, is is among the more modern ones in Tennessee.