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Sport Saucer Review by Hannah Mandez

By slowdog294
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Spanky: "Well, Ma'am, Waddaya thinkuver?"

Hannah: "She's fast, I'll give 'r that!"

Spanky: "How'dya like the way she flies?"

Hannah: "Well, there is way too much power. I mean, the controls were really sensitive."

Spanky: "How was it for a first flight?"

Hannah: "The console was intuitive and I could find everything OK. But when I actually put my hands on things, I had to be careful and not overdo it."

Spanky: "Did you like it enough to get one for yourself?"

Hannah: "I liked it, but I'll be content to fly yours."

Spanky: "I guess it works out, then. This is the only one I have found so far."

Hannah: "You never told me how you got it."

Spanky: "And I won't. Just like you ain't gonna tell anybody you flew her."

Hannah: "You are going to let me have another go, then?"

Spanky: "I thought you would never ask..."
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Good work, Ricardo.
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I am grateful, my Good Sir. :D
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My pleasure.