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Spanky's Rendermatic - Shelly Blake in MakeHuman

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Here is our really lovely lady by the name of Shelly Blake, standing in her rendering window inside MakeHuman running on Linux Mint. Shelly is 29 years old. She is from Brooklyn, New York. She spends a lot of time in Redhook, where she samples the fine ales made there because Shelly loves beer. She enjoys drinking at clubs where jazz is performed live. Shelly is a proper Yankee, no doubt.

MakeHuman is a program created by the Open Source Community. It allows for the creation of very realistic virtual human figures. These can be man or woman, young or old, tall or short, any skin color imaginable. There is no limit to what kind of person you can model. The only down side to the software is the lack of posing facilities within MakeHuman. However, it works in tandem with another ware known as Blender.

The work flow goes like this:

Create your human in MakeHuman. Export it into Blender as an MHX2 file. Bend some bones to get the pose you are after and export that as a BVH file of one frame back into MakeHuman. It works, although the actual process is somewhat complex.

To get more imformation and download the programs for your OS (yes, they support Windows, MAC and Linux), click the links below:


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Have you used Blender and MakeHuman much?
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I am very familiar with MakeHuman, but I am still learning Blender.

I am familiar with DAZ and Poser in Windows, but when I went to Linux, I had to learn the other stuff.

I really like MakeHuman. The only thing I do not like about it is that lack o being able to do poses without exporting to Blender...
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I haven't made use of any rigging in MakeHuman. All my rigging and posing is done in Blender. Possibly because many of my characters would probably not be possible to rig in MakeHuman anyway ...
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Blender is cool like that, yes. The possibilities are endless. I WILL learn the thing...