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My Old dA Page

By slowdog294
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This is what my profile page on dA looked like before it got bastardized and totally ruined by Eclipse. It took me fifteen years to get it like this. It will take just one mouse click by some gutless son of a bitch to do the dead and throw it all in the garbage, to be replaced by something terrible which will never be to my liking.

:bulletyellow: ~ dA is not a social cesspool.

:bulletyellow: ~ dA is an art site.

:bulletyellow: ~ dA sux on mobile devices.

:bulletyellow: ~ dA was meant to be seen on a PC screen.

Ever try to do art on a phone? How about that android or i-thing facebook app scraping everything you do before you do it? How do you like having your life and art stolen and sold without profit to you?

How about all the llamas, other badges, gallery customization, journals, notes, everything... being totally fucked up beyond recognition? Your help desk is now totally screwed until a new FAQ rolls out. Good luck with that...

It is no wonder one of my virtual characters in MakeHuman by the name of Shelly got so sick and threw up all over the hall after seeing what Eclipse is going to be like. The fellow who found her in the middle of her lunch launch, Horst Gruin, was said to have observed that, in all of his years serving as a police officer, he had never seen anybody vomit that hard, that much. Shelly puked so big that it missed her feet entirely. She did not even get bent over before her face exploded. You can see the evidence of her illness in my Renders folder, that is, until Eclipse trashes the folder structure. Sorry for the graphic depiction. It is gross.

If there are any administrators looking at this, take it to heart and realize that all your hard work rolling out Eclipse might be good for your bottom line, but it bites proverbial rotten unwashed ass for the rest of us.

For all the others looking at this, know that it was a good run while it lasted and that my time here will be truncated after the rollout of this most hideous new interface to a once great site which will now pander to all the dweebs with an anti-social cesspool dispensing gadget stuck all up in their faces. From a real artist's perspective, man, it really sux to be you.
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If you want to post art elsewhere, there is always pixiv. It may not be like what will soon be old DA, but at least they actually listen to their users. If you do go there, this is my account:… If you go elsewhere, let me know so I can continue to follow you!
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I will be staying here, but I am not gonna like Eclipse and I will let that be known to the admins. This is war.
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I am glad other people are doing this too and great memory preserver. :+fav:
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Always glad to be of service, Ma'am. :bow:
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