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My Eclipsed dA

By slowdog294
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This is my profile page on dA with Eclipse engaged. Where the heck is all my stuff? Do I even get to pick and choose how I want it to look? Why is there so much wasted space? This is not even gonna look OK on a fondleslab. This is pure rubbish. I am not thrilled at all. No wonder poor Shelly horked her brains out when she saw this.
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After a cup of Black Rifle Coffee, I took the plunge and renewed my website.  It'll be active soon.

dA used to be about us and our quirkiness.  The little and big things that made us who we are.  Unique individuals with our own interests.  That's what made this such a cool community. 

Eclipse is forcing conformity because being unique is a bad thing.

After a second cup of Black Rifle coffee, I do not regret my decision to migrate to my own site after almost a decade of quiet.

I shall miss the green of this site.  I miss the original logo.  This edgy simplistic graphic was a precursor of things to come and now, these things are here. 

Conform or lose your platform.  Resistance is useless.  We are part of the hive and the hive is one.  Think as one, act as one.

Yeah...  I don't think so.

BTW, I love the term 'fondleslab'.  :thumbsup:

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You cannot really fault dA. The ones to be mad at are the shitheads at WIX for stomping the very life out of this place. They all are fondleslabbers. If you look really close, you will see how addicted to failbucks, pinturd, instacrap, snapcrap, whatcrap, tickfuck, and all those other shitholes in cyberspace they cannot leave alone. Man, it sux so hard to be them.

When folks pander to fondleslabbers and antisocial addicts over real artists, things have gone to the dogs. Only this time, the dogs are never going to return to their vomit. They are gonna hightail it outta there instead. Jeeze o Christmas, when will these greedy assholes ever learn? Folks like them are what is breaking the world and it needs to stop.

My reaction:


Bomb them from space. Kill them all.
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Nuke them from orbit?  A bit extreme, but it would be the only way to be sure...

I would prefer hurting them in the wallet and putting my money into a website and work on getting it successful.  If I can sell my art on my site, I get all the moneys.  My sales would not have a portion going to a foreign entity.

The best revenge is to be a success without them.
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The only way to hurt them in the wallet is stop using their "services". With so many hopelessly addicted people stuck on stupid who do not give a rat's ass, fat chance. Thus, the prior option. This time, with VIGOR!!!!!


Get all the buildings when they are full. Kill them all.

For the ones just working for those asshats, "Too bad. You should have gotten a real job working for good causes instead of helping a morally bankrupt criminal get richer by stealing and selling your life."
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A layer cake of socialist stupidity... >_<

Hope nuking them all doesn't nuke the rest of us as well. :/  I was just starting to work on my garden...  Not easy with allergies.
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It's a low yield targeted nuke that takes out antisocial assholes only. All else shall be unscathed.
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Hope none are aimed south of you...  I kinda like my little corner of the Badlands between the Twilight Zone and the Outer Limits.
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Target: F.A.A.N.G. > PTB (facebook, apple, amazon, netflix, google)

Location: Silicon Valley, CA, USA, Earth

Method: People Transporter Bomb (PTB), limited yield

Destination: Astral Plane (Limbo)

Duration: Forever

Let the countdown begin...
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