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I'm back, folks.  Just in time for the end of the world.  While you are checking out my art please do visit my webcomic over at Porter Ghost (updates sundays and thursdays).  Thanks kids
Yes, yes it's been several years and nobody has actually seen this but there is new things.  It is a comics.  One new set of metric comic, to be precise.  I welcome you to the newly refined and revived from the dead Porter Ghost.  I guarantee fantastic and I guarantee the arrival of upcoming Kitsu demo.
Well, as the title promises, this is the first post.  I'm not exactly familiar with this sort of thing, it feels a little like blogging but I hope to use this medium as an opportunity to fill you people in on the goings on of me and my trust crew Team Sketchy inc.

Since this is, in fact, the first post, I assume some sort of introduction is in order.  My name is John Slovacek and I am the head artist and writer for the budding video game company, Team Sketchy ( Our intention is to breathe new life into the gaming industry and we have some great ideas and ambitions.  If only we had about a hundred more programmers.

Our first project is a side scroller called "Kitsu" wherein you control a fox.  You will explore the world collecting tails, each of which imbue you with a set of abilities.  For example the Koi fish tail would be water-based and would give you the ability to swim, The Geist tail offers ghost based attacks.  Our aim was to have each tail act differently and to avoid the overdone (eg: Fire Tail).  Offering a unique set of tails would offer players a chance to pick their favorite, but the combat system would allow you to switch tails in mid attack.  The result would be a huge number of possible combinations and a flashy looking combat system.    Each level is hand drawn to avoid monotony that sometimes accompanies side scrollers. Our real focus with Kitsu is to create a complex world with a rich history and intriguing characters and locations.  We are enhancing this by offering a webcomic and Kitsu wiki to fill in all the information that might be glossed over in the game. I get pretty long-winded about this subject because I spend a lot of time thinking about it.  I'm sure I will talk more about the details in a later post.

For the time being, please enjoy the comic section of this site and visit our sister sites: and