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Rogz AKA ''Digital'', the classy ghoul

    Rogz operates out of San Francisco, California, where he operates a ghoul-only internet cafe and doesn't cause trouble unless he absolutely has to.  His kagune is a unique, erratic weapon with two functions. 
    His standard attack shoots volleys of incredibly sharp squares (or "pixels") in unpredictable arcs and patterns.  These squares easily cut through flesh and carry enough force to splinter pavement.
    The Kagune's second function is also its most gruesome.  At the expense of a great deal of stamina, Rogz's kagune works in reverse, stripping and absorbing a victim's soft tissue in bloody cubes of flesh and organs.  This attack also doubles as a way for Rogz to enjoy a quick meal without messying his clothes.

    Although Rogz is a discreet and infrequent predator, there are times when he must make a warning to the CCG or roaming ghouls intruding on his territory.  A favorite technique is to leave a meal half finished--leaving a pixellated corpse that looks like a half-loaded jpeg.
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forgot to specify that it's an ukaku type kagune.  for specificity's sake
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X3 nice character, he sounds really interesting c:
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