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''Kamaitachi'' and ''Jyorogumo''

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Published: May 7, 2015
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    Although they are patrons of the cafe Rogz operates, Seamus and Danielle are in no way discreet in their predation.  The duo only attacks every other month, but each hunt can last days and claim many lives.  They do not binge eat…but they do overhunt.

    Operating with the ghoul philosophy that fearful meat tastes better, Danni and Seamus allow their prey to experience terror and insanity before they satiate their hunger.  A hunt begins with the abduction of one to ten humans who are then deposited into the city’s labyrinthine warehouse district.
    Seamus’ blade kagune are tipped with syringe-like tubes that can inject an adrenaline based hallucinogen that induces a frantic nightmare state.  One by one Seamus will find the victims fumbling through the dark alleyways.
    “tag, you’re it” Seamus then gently stabs each human, just deep enough to inject the toxin.
    Then the duo waits and watches, crawling along the walls and ceilings as the frantic humans race through the dark, unfamiliar passages—running from hallucinations of their greatest fears.
    At the crescendo of this insanity, Danni and Seamus descend, victims are torn into screaming bits.  Before the night is over many groups of people go missing throughout the city

    the CCG knows them as: “Kamaitachi“ and “Jyorogumo“
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