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Windigo (Foe: Moon's blood)

Windigo is a thestral, he's a heavy-close-fighter, bigger than an usual stallion, almost tall and strong as a griffin. He looks to have no idea of what happened during the Great-War and after, but his knowledge of the pre-war world should be a advantage in the equestrian wasteland ...

Mlp belongs to Hasbro
Fallout belongs to Bethesda
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Windigo is mine
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He is adorable ^^"
Oh hey, it is you! I was wondering who was on your Fimfiction account avatar.
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You saw my fic?
I have to say, the pictures on your DA are amazing.
I'm waiting for the complete translated version with impatience to read it.
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Btw is that the horse's or hate face for his cutiemark? The ones that feed off hatred.. o.o
Slouping's avatar
Yes it is, it's a windigo ...
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Badass and I honestly think he looks cute/handsome but that's just me >///>
Slouping's avatar
Thanks, miss :3
MadelynKitten's avatar
You're welcome x3
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That is one hell of a badass 
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Woah, That looks AWESOME! 
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