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Steel Maiden

~Commission for :iconcrystal-eclair: ~

It's been long since I drew cybernetics and robotics, and I felt it all too much.

Thanks for the commission, mate :)

I-02 U-1000 belongs to Crystal-Eclair
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Warrior20198's avatar
Out of ALLLL the shitheads I may fight, this thing would be the worst
Loantan's avatar
Encore moi. Je voulais te prévenir que cette oeuvre apparaît aussi dans l'article… ! Mélange Portal et pony ?
Slouping's avatar
C'est... C'est pas Portal du tout.

C'est olus Fallout et pony.
Loantan's avatar
Je n'y connais rien à Fallout... ^^'
Nolhyaa's avatar
Le rendu est génial avec tous ce détails! Dommage qu'on ne les retrouve pas dans le BG :)
Nolhyaa's avatar
Stop spaming maybe? What's wrong with you?
Slouping's avatar
J'aimerais t'y voire à faire chaque capsule une par une >:^(
Et puis faire les trucs en métal, j'ai encore besoin d'un peu de boulot.
coyotecyb's avatar
this is art and at a high class of ability.
Ravenpuff's avatar
Oh gosh... the detailing, the angle, the eerie atmosphere and that detailing with the subtle holographic mane effects... just wow :clap:
Thunder-Stream's avatar
Really digging the angle on this, sick job man! ^^
jirakadarbu's avatar
The exoskeleton should've been made of adamantium. >:D
ScarletsFeed's avatar
This is absolutely fantastic my friend! Just gorgeous! :D
afkitsune's avatar
She looks awesome!  Its very obvious a lot of work went into making this :3
FEqBrony's avatar
I know who this is, but I think it looks a lot like a pony-fied T800, so...
I'll be back... Princess Luna Like a boss Emoticon
TFAngelwolf's avatar
is that Blackjack?
Slouping's avatar
I-02 U-1000 belongs to Crystal-Eclair

I think the Title confused you.
Bj is actually named the "Star Maiden".
TFAngelwolf's avatar
your right! man now I understand
TFAngelwolf's avatar
Excuse me but do I know you? And why are you putting such filthy language all over this person's page? You are disgusting deplorable and thousand other words I will not use here. How dare you put such slanderous words all over this person's page. Do you have any proof of this? I don't think so.
Lex-the-Pikachu's avatar
She looks fantastic and you are very welcome
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